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Getting Better Everyday

Jan. 22, 2009

    For true freshman point guard Alexa Deluzio, her first season as a member of the Florida State women’s basketball team ended before it even began.
    Not too long before the start of the 2008-09 season, Deluzio suffered a torn ACL in her left knee at practice. The injury would ultimately squash any hopes the Windermere, Fla., native had of making an immediate impact on the court at Florida State since she will miss the entire season in order to rehabilitate the injury.
    But not all is lost for the Deluzio as the 5-foot-9 guard has taken the setback in stride. While she may not get to suit up in a Florida State uniform each game, Deluzio watches and learns about the game of basketball from a brand new perspective.

You recently underwent successful surgery on your knee. What has the whole rehabilitation process been like for you?

Deluzio: It’s frustrating most of the time but now post-surgery I can tell everyday that I am getting stronger. The good thing is that I get to look forward to certain things that happen. The first thing was getting into my brace and then getting out of it and then walking more and then eventually running. It’s a whole process that you have to go through.”

How do you deal with the frustrations with not being able to play the sport that you love?

Deluzio: “I just have to look forward to next year. But I am definitely not looking past this year because it has given me the opportunity to encourage my teammates and build relationships with them that will carry on to the court when I can finally play.”

Have you ever sustained an injury as serious as this one before?

Deluzio: “Never. The worst injury that had ever happened to me was a sprained ankle.”

What was going through your mind when the injury occurred?

Deluzio: “When it first happened, the very first thing that came to my mind was an ACL injury. The first question that I asked the trainers was, “Is it my ACL?” For a few days we didn’t know what it was until we got the MRI results back and it showed that that’s what it was.”

Obviously this wasn’t how you envisioned your freshman year but have you found a silver lining?

Deluzio: “Definitely. It’s a lot different when you’re watching than when you’re playing. You see just minor details that you don’t see sometimes when you are on the court. But when you are watching, it’s a lot different. I can feel myself just getting smarter by watching my teammates play and by watching film and by watching practice. I can see how each of my teammates react to certain situations and that will help me to know when I am playing next year.”

By Brandon Mellor, FSU Sports Information

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