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Getting to Know: Bailey Schinella

Feb. 6, 2013

Throughout the 2013 season, each Seminole softball student-athlete who appears in the program’s Q&A section will also be featured on Seminoles.com. The first student-athlete is sophomore pitcher Bailey Schinella

1. How would you describe your first season at Florida State? What kind of experience was it for you?

Last year, it was definitely an eye opener to the whole `how college softball works’ but it was fine and it was long too but we had a lot of fun. It was a good experience. I actually had an injury last season too but it was a good one with everyone supporting me and helping me getting back into it and being positive.

2. What is one place you want to travel to one day? What makes this place so great?

I want to travel to Italy because I come from an Italian family and I just want to try out all the food there.

3. Who is your favorite professional athlete? Why?

Vince Lombardi who was a coach. Probably him just because my family is big Packers fans and we always grew up with quotes of his all around our house. I think he is great.

4. It says in your bio you used to twirl the baton. Tell me about that experience.

I started in fourth grade and I went up until around seventh grade. I liked it a lot, I thought it was fun but I missed a twirling competition for a softball tournament and my twirling coach said that I had to choose so I picked softball.

5. Who is one heroic figure in your life and why?

Definitely my dad. He has gone through a lot and has never complained about anything. He is very strong and disciplined so he is definitely my hero.

6. Do your teammates have a nickname for you? How did they come up with it?

I don’t really have a nickname. Everyone calls me “Bails.” Pretty much everyone in the softball area calls me “Bails” not Bailey but that’s not really a nickname though.

7. You already had four saves in your first season alone. Is it a goal of yours to end up with the most career saves at Florida State?

Yes that has actually been one. Our coach asked us what our goals were for this season and that was one of my goals to break the saves record here at Florida State.

8. If you weren’t allowed to pitch, what other position would you want to play?

I think centerfield because the diving catches are pretty amazing. When I’m pitching and I see someone make a diving catch I am like “Yes!” It’s great and being able to throw people out at home I bet is a great feeling.

9. What made you come to Florida State?

The whole family atmosphere and it’s far enough away from my home in Tampa and still close enough to where my parents can come visit. It just seemed right when I first visited here.

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