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Getting To Know Katie Rybakova

April 4, 2011

By Max Ramos-Paez, Sports Information Intern

So how are you feeling with the end of your college career coming soon?

It’s definitely surreal. I can’t believe that three and a half years have already gone by. I will definitely remember all of my memories with the team and being here at FSU, and I’m really enjoying the moment of being part of this team for the little time I have left to compete as a college athlete.

What are some of the big things you’ve taken from your time at FSU?

There is a lot. I’ve grown mentally and I have a lot of people to thank in that process, including my parents, Jen and Oliver, and my teammates. I will never forget the feelings of competing for a team and the fond memories that I’ll take away from my experiences are vast.

What are you favorite memories in your time as a ‘Nole in term of an individual player and as part of a team?

There are so many! Most of them stem from road trips and hanging out with the girls. We have so much fun with each other. Competition-wise, last year qualifying for the Sweet Sixteen for the first time was a very sweet and amazing moment. I get chills just thinking about it. ACC’s is always a fun tournament too, but I probably will remember hanging with my girls more than anything.

Do you feel you are a role model for the younger girls on and off the course?

I think everyone sees a bit of a role model in everyone. There are things that I look up to with some of the girls and I hope that some take away something from me. We learn from each other.

How do you feel your senior year has transpired?

I have high hopes for this season, I believe in us as a team and am so excited to just go out and compete for the last two months I have with this team. I will never forget these moments. I’m looking forward to the rest of the ACC competition, ACC’s and NCAA’s to accomplish goals as a team and enjoy the time I spend with the girls.

What are your expectations for the rest of the season?

We have a lot of high hopes and goals for the season. We’re going to grit our teeth, practice hard, and go out and compete our hearts out to achieve them. It’s important to take one match at a time though, so I try not to look forward too much, although sometimes it’s hard.

What do you enjoy more, singles or doubles?

Hard to say, they are such different games. Doubles is much more dynamic. It really stems from the communication that you have with your partner and how well you complement each other. Singles I feel is much more mental. You’re out there yourself on your court, but it helps to have your friends surrounding you and helping you out when you need it.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I’m going to go to graduate school and go on to get a PhD. I plan to major in English Education with a minor in Educational Psychology or get two masters, one in each. I really hope I can relay my passion for learning to our next generation of students. Hopefully one day I’ll become a professor at a university. I’ve had so many amazing role models here at FSU that are more than my professors but my mentors and my friends. The support system here is amazing, and I’m excited to stay and teach.

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