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Getting to Know Lauren Young

Nov. 1, 2010

By Giselle Girones

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. ( – Lauren Young, a fifth-year senior from Ben Wheeler, Texas, gives us a sneak peek into her life beyond Seminole volleyball.

Young is double majoring in social science and criminal justice, and she is looking into working in the FBI field someday, being inspired by shows like Law and Order, NCIS and CSI, even if they are not realistic. “At first I didn’t see a lot of women in that field, so I wanted to see if I could do that. Then I started watching more shows and researching it and became very interested in it. You have to be kind of athletic to do it anyways so I figured going from volleyball to that would be perfect,” said Young.

Her adjustment from living in a country style life to city life was not an easy task for Young. Back home, Young mentioned that she lived on a farm. “We have cows, horses, chickens, pigs, and I was around that stuff a lot when I was younger. As I grew up I started to become more girly and thought that I didn’t want to do that stuff as much.” However, she reveals that when she gets to go back home, she does do some activities like fishing with her grandfather or helping him out on the farm by driving around a truck for him while he puts hay on the tractor, and even feeding the cows.

As one can imagine, being far away from home can be a daunting task. For Young, being a freshman in 2006 was not any different. “I definitely wanted to go home after the fall semester because coming from Texas all the way to Florida, I had no family here. My family came down a lot but I didn’t have them here,” said Young. “Coming from a school with 200 kids, to a school with Florida State’s population is a big transition. I stuck it out and I’m still here. I love it here and I’d do it all over again.” Young also owes a lot to her best friend Makini Thompson, who helped her when she first arrived in Tallahassee that first year.

Impressive would be an understatement to describe Young’s previous experience, since she does have a pretty interesting background. Aside from growing up in a country style home, she was also a four-sport athlete at Van High School. Young was part of volleyball, basketball, cheerleading and track, and she admits it was difficult to juggle all of those things. “When I realized that I would possibly go to college to play volleyball, I had to give up cheerleading my sophomore year and band my sophomore year, and then it was just basketball, track and volleyball. I had to pick between the ones I cared about, and my senior year I knew that if I got hurt then that would be my scholarship so I had to give up the rest of them,” said Young.

As Young mentioned, she was a part of the band, and although she ended her music career at the beginning of her junior year in high school, she did begin to play in sixth grade. Young played the trombone throughout those years, but she first began taking piano lessons at the age of four. “My mom wanted to get me into band when I was younger and I hated it, but it paid off in the end. I was always in choir as well. I might be a little down with the trombone, but I did play it a couple years ago when I went home,” Young mentioned.

But Young’s busy life did not stop there. It seems there was never something she could not do, since she began taking dance classes at the age of five. “I don’t know how I got into dance. I remember my mom saying, `We’re going to dance class,’ and I started dance when I was like five years old. I took tap, ballet and jazz until my freshman or sophomore year, and then I realized I couldn’t do that anymore. I did end up liking it, but after a while I got too tall and stuck out like a sore thumb,” Young said about her dancing career. “It’s definitely made me more athletic,” Young added, noting that it has helped play a big role for volleyball since a lot of her movements do come from those she learned when she danced.

While Young’s moves have paid off on the court, they also pay off before each game. The volleyball team has a ritual dance before every home match, a tradition that has definitely enforced Young’s dancing background. She noted that Jenna Romanelli has the song on her iPod and that it is played on there before the match begins. The dance requires the players to get in a circle and dance inside for about a minute, until the dancer tags another team member. After every player has a chance, the team will huddle and dance to end the ritual.

When asked who she can compare her personality the most with, Young answered Bethenny Frankel. Skidding away from the cooking aspect, she mentions that Frankel and herself share an appreciation for dry sarcasm and are known for being very blunt. “She’s hilarious and she’ll joke at any time – she’ll joke even in those sad situations to try to make people laugh, and that’s kind of like me. I have a dry sense of humor, but at the same time I really care about people,” Young said.

What has being a part of the Seminole volleyball team meant to Young? According to her, the tradition here at Florida State is rich and she will always consider herself a Seminole, even after graduation. “Those are my best friends, those are my sisters. I’ve definitely met a lot of new people, a lot of friends,” Young said.

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