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Getting To Know: Ryann Day

Dec. 12, 2013

Ryann Day has always been a `Nole, but finally gets to wear the jersey.

How different is college softball to high school or travel ball?
It’s a lot more demanding, that’s for sure. It is a different level of commitment. It is a different feel among the team and the coaches because there is a lot on the line. With club and high school, it’s all just for fun. But with college softball, you get down and dirty. You get to the point and you work your butt off.

What goals do you have for this season?
Obviously make it to the Women’s College World Series. I think as a team, just to make it there would be a big accomplishment. But overall, be a team and try to get as far as we can.

Have you ever been mistaken for a celebrity?
I used get Lindsay Lohan a lot, when my hair was a little bit redder and all my freckles. But I’ve never actually been mistaken for them, that’d be pretty cool though.

What made you choose Florida State?
I get asked this question a lot. I grew up as a Seminole. From my FSU onesie to wearing the jersey now. My mom was a huge part of me coming here, with her connections and everything. [Her mom, Lori Crouse played softball for FSU from 1986-89.] Knowing what it is like to be here from her, made me want to come here even more. The experience that she had here made it really easy to say, `Yes, I’m going there.’

What is one aspect about you that people would find hard to believe?
I am very shy. When I’m with people that I know, I’m crazy. But when I’m around people I haven’t met yet, and it is just me, I have a hard time coming out of my shell and introducing myself. I’ve always been a shy person.

Do you play any musical instruments?
I used to play piano. I never really took lessons, but just taught myself how to play for a while.

Have you ever gone out for a Black Friday sale before?
I stayed up really late for one. It started at around 10 p.m. and we stayed out until around 1:30 a.m. Then I was done and had to go back and get some sleep.

Are you a big city person or a small town person?
I grew up in Las Vegas, so I’ve always kind of been in the big city. But where we lived in Phoenix had more of a small town feel because it was in the middle of the desert. I like the idea of a small town, but I’m not sure if I like the actuality of it because I am so used to having like a mall or other things so close to me that I don’t know if I’d be able to survive out in the middle of nowhere.

What three adjectives best describe you?
Respectful, for one. That’s a huge part of me and that’s how I was always raised. Persistent would be another one. And courageous. I like change, I’m a big fan of it. I don’t like staying in one motion, or a set thing. I like things to be different every day and try new things.

Why are you pursuing your major?
I just changed my major to exercise science because it was close to nursing, because I can’t actually choose a nursing major because of all the clinical hours they require. So I had to choose something that was also anatomy based, and I figured exercise science would be the closest to what I want to do, other than actually majoring in nursing. Because I have my CNA license now, so I can postpone that and go to nursing school after.

Do you have any siblings?
I have a little sister who is 12, and I have two soon-to-be stepbrothers. A little bit of a small family, but I like it that way.

What is a hobby you do not currently do, but think you might do after you retire or when you are older?
Traveling. I’ve never even been out of the country. I know my mom has been to Barcelona and seeing the pictures of different cultures and what they have in different places, that’s what I want to do. I know it sounds cliché, but it is true.

If you were to write a novel, what would it be about?
Most likely my sister. Because she’s only 12 years old and has already had three surgeries so far – a back surgery and two knee surgeries. I think she’s been diagnosed with four syndromes and was only born with one kidney. But she still plays competitive sports. She played volleyball in the spring, she’s played softball since she was five and she is currently doing cheer. So when I tell people about her, they expect to see her in a wheelchair. But no, that’s not it at all.

How has Florida State or college in general, differed from you expectations of what they would be?
I thought I was going miss home a lot more being so far away, but you don’t really think about it. I know that I am 1,900 miles from my house, but it doesn’t feel like that. And I think technology helps with that, because I’ll FaceTime or Skype or whatever, and it’s like I’m not even gone. You could be two hours away or you could be 28 hours away, but if you are not going home when you are two hours away it is the same as being away. I think it helps with the fact that I thought I was going to miss it a whole lot more.

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