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Getting to Know: Victoria East

Feb. 27, 2013

Throughout the 2013 season, each Seminole softball student-athlete who appears in the program’s Q&A section will also be featured on Seminoles.com. The third student-athlete is freshman first baseman Victoria East

1. How has your experience been so far at Florida State since coming here in the fall?

It’s definitely a change from high school or travel ball. I love it here. It was definitely a good decision to come here. I love that the campus is all brick, it’s really cool. I like the mascot here (Chief Osceola) a lot too, it’s different than everyone else. I love the family feeling with this team – we’re all very close to each other. I like the team bonding by Coach Alameda, she puts you in that uncomfortable situation in order to make yourself feel comfortable.

2. You recently switched majors to computer criminology. What made you decide to go after this field?

I really like working with computers and at first I wanted to be in computer science, but I did more research and I thought of computer criminology which is cool because I wanted to be in forensics. It’s kind of cool how it combined both computer science and forensics into one.

3. You come from a pretty athletic family. Did they immediately generate your interest in softball growing up?

Everything I learned about softball is probably from my sister, mom and dad. My sister played at Rollins College and I watched her a lot growing up. My dad was pretty much done playing baseball when I was born but he used to play in a local men’s league when I was younger.

4. What is your favorite phone app and why?

I like InstaGram. I like looking at everyone’s different pictures that they post and I like posting pictures and using all of the different photo filters. I don’t use many other apps on there and I don’t have Twitter. I go on Facebook though.

5. Are there any songs or musical artists out there that put you in a good mood?

Before games I listen to a lot of rap music because it gets me pumped up. On a regular-day basis I’m more of a Rock person. I don’t listen to country. I like more Hip-Hop, pop music. I like all of Linkin Park’s songs. There are a lot of country people back home and the music doesn’t bother me, I just don’t listen to it.

6. How big of an adjustment has college life been to you?

It was a big adjustment because you are on your own and you have to learn to do everything by yourself without your parents. It makes you really grow up a lot. In the beginning I was a little homesick because I’m really close to my mom and it was hard not hanging out with her and seeing her. But then I got used to it, but I still talk to them everyday. My mom and I did a lot of softball together growing up, she was like my coach. She coached me in rec ball and was always there for me. We traveled a lot together. My sophomore and junior year I traveled with the Wichita Mustangs and had to live in Kansas over the summer, so that’s probably why I’m used to the college life. I was away for two months.

7. What sparked your interest in the New York Yankees?

It was my thing. My dad watched a lot of baseball growing up. I really like the Yankees because they win a lot and I like their pinstripes and their colors, logos, everything. I really like Derek Jeter. He’s been playing baseball for so long and he’s always out there working hard everyday. He kind of inspired me to be that person who works hard everyday.

8. What was the last movie you saw in theaters?

I saw “Warm Bodies.” It was the zombie movie that was the Romeo and Juliet type. I kind of have an obsession with zombies because of the “Walking Dead.” I liked how it was a romantic comedy and they brought zombies in there – you normally don’t see that. It wasn’t meant to be a scary movie, it was more comedy.

9. If you could go to dinner with any person, dead or alive, who would it be?

Probably Mark Wahlberg. He’s always been my actor who I kind of have an obsession with too. One of my favorite films with him is “The Other Guys” where Will Ferrell is in the movie and they are the cops. I’m also a big Transformers fan.

10. If you had one day to do whatever you want or go where you want, what would you do?

In the United States I’ve been to a lot of places so I haven’t really thought about where I’ve wanted to go. I guess Fiji because of the beaches.

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