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Good To Be Back On The Court

Nov. 2, 2005

The women’s basketball team defeated Athletes in Action 73-60 Monday night in the Seminoles’ first exhibition of the season. On Tuesday prior to getting back on the court for practice, representatives from each class, as well as head coach Sue Semrau, provided perspective on how the team fared in the game.


Coach Sue Semrau

“We got an opportunity to see a very talented group of young players. Two of our starters, Ganiyat Adeduntan and LaQuinta Neely, are out with injuries so we got a chance to see our young players step up. I saw some really bright spots but still have a lot to work on to get ready for our opener on November 18th.”

Head Coach Sue Semrau

“We’re just a little banged up, bumps and bruises early on in the year, that’s to be expected. It happens every preseason but everyone’s coming along and getting stronger, getting in game shape and getting down the system.”

“I learned that we have a lot of ability in different areas and we’ll be able to compliment each other really well. One of the early points of emphasis for us is going to be on our rebounding. Young players, 6-4, 6-3, even a 5-11 point guard in high school never really had to box out so learning those techniques and making sure we create good habits over the course of the early part of the year will be important.”

“We’ve got a lot more things that we need to put in, things we have to sharpen up. Once again, we will have an opportunity to see a different group, a different combination and we will continue that progression throughout the course of the preseason.”


Britany Miller

“I thought the team played really well. We all worked together throughout the game trying to get everybody in the right places and helping each other out on both offense and defense. It was really nice to be out there. I like playing with my teammates because we know each other well and we know what to help each other with. I had fun just being on the court and playing against players much older than me.”


Shante Williams

“I thought we did fairly well. We still have a lot of things to work on. It’s still real early in the season and we have some new faces here. We’re all still trying to develop and learn the system but I think we’ll be fine come January. For the most part, I think I was kind of rushing things a little bit. I didn’t really relax until the second half but I think I did fairly well being my first game back. It was fun but it’s has always been fun.”


Alicia Gladden

“Overall, I thought the team did pretty good for our first game but there are a lot of things we need to work on. As you could see, we need to work through fatigue because we got tired too quick and we need to work on getting back that dominant defense that we had last year. The freshmen did pretty good. They’re still learning the new system but they’re getting to that point where they know how to play at the college level.”


Holly Johnson

“I think the game went really well Monday night. It was interesting having Quint (Neely) and G-Mo (Adeduntan) out. That definitely hurt us a bit. It was good having a game this early, in October. It helped us establish some things, get some rhythm, get us going. Ice (Alicia Gladden) did a tremendous job and the freshmen did a good job when they came in and played. It is a good start for us, getting a “W” and I’m looking forward to the rest of the year.”

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