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Grand Opening

April 7, 2011

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – When preparing for the matches against Maryland and Boston College and the unpredictable weather that often occurs this time of year up north, there has been much uncertainty if the team will be playing indoors or outdoors this weekend. Because of that the team got their first ever chance to practice in the brand new indoor tennis facility.

“We are right on the bubble if we will be playing inside or outside this weekend,” said head coach Jennifer Hyde. “I have been on the phone with both coaches and we are trying to figure that out, but we are going to be prepared either way. We are going to practice here and get a feel for the quietness and the still environment of being indoors. If we get a chance to play outside that is even better, because tennis is an outdoor sport, but at least we have a chance to prepare better for the big matches on the road.”

Getting a chance to use the indoor facility for the first time was certainly exciting for the team, who plans to take full advantage of having.

“It’s amazing. I haven’t seen it since they put the lines down and the padding around it,” said Hyde. “This is a legitimate, top notch facility. It’s really first class and has a wonderful feel to it. It’s been a long time coming and it’s great that we have it now. We are all going to benefit greatly from it. It opens all kinds of doors for us. We can host indoor championships, ACC Championships, Regional events and hopefully NCAA events down the road. Plus it means we don’t ever miss a day of work. There are no excuses anymore. No bad weather or rain is going to keep us from getting better and being able to have this facility at our disposal is going to make a huge difference with recruiting as well. There are not a lot of courts like this in the southeast and the schools we are competing against for players do not have facilities like this. We are really glad to have this to add to the other great facilities we already have on campus.”

“I actually really like practicing indoors,” added sophomore Francesca Segarelli. “For me it’s really nice to be able to get a feel for the courts, so when you get there you don’t have that one day where you are not feeling acclimated. Instead you can prepare a week before and when you get there you will not have any excuses because in the end it’s all mental. This year we have not had many rainouts, but my freshman year we had weeks of missing practice, so it will really make a big difference to know that you are always going to be able to practice.”

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