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Happy Hour With The ‘Noles

Nov. 9, 2010

On October 10th & 11th, in Moore Auditorium, nationally known comedian Bernie McGrenahan performed front and center much to the delight of Seminoles student-athletes who were in attendance. McGrenahan a “comedian with a message” entertained, inspired, and schooled the audience about the possible consequences of mixing alcohol and sports.

During his shows, McGrenahan provided a thirty-minute comedic performance, followed by a thirty-minute inspirational message. He first relaxed the crowd by talking to the students directly, asking questions like what fraternities and teams were present, and also where people were from and what they planned to do in life. He had no problem keeping the audience entertained as he told jokes based off of his past experiences, as well as any tangent that happened to pop into his head during the act. However, towards the middle of the show there was a definite change in atmosphere, as his jokes seemed to focus more on two specific subjects: alcohol and drugs.

His message focused on preventing alcohol and drug abuse. Speaking from first-hand experiences, he cautioned student-athletes on the dangers and pitfalls of alcohol and drug abuse. “I cherish this opportunity to motivate our leaders of tomorrow,” McGrenahan said. “I just want students to understand the truth about alcohol if you party too much.”

There was no question as to whether or not the student-athletes enjoyed Bernie.  The room on both nights roared with laughter.  “Thank you soooo much! This was definitely the most enjoyable mandatory athletic function I have attended! Your message was amazing and you made us laugh so much!” said Ashley Stager who was among many of the student-athletes who stayed afterwards to talk with Bernie and pose for pictures.

Although not his first time speaking to FSU student-athletes, McGrenahan has performed at colleges and universities across the nation, including the University of Arkansas, the University of Miami-Ohio, and the University of Louisiana. He has also been covered by every major news network; ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS. To read more about Bernie McGrenahan and his message, visit

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