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Hitting The Boards With Florida State Men’s Basketball Sophomore Adam Waleskowski

Oct. 19, 2002

Adam Waleskowski blossomed late in his freshman season and was a starter for the Seminoles in both of their ACC Tournament games against Clemson (March 7) and Maryland (March 8). He averaged 4.0 points and 5.5 rebounds in the Seminoles’ two games during the ACC Tournament. In addition, Waleskowski became the second consecutive freshman to lead the Seminoles in free throw shooting as he shot .806 from the line for the season.

What Did You Work On The Most To Prepare For Practice?
“The main things I worked on were ball handling and shooting as I tried to improve on my overall game. I also worked on making jump shots within my range, coming off of screens better and setting better screens on offense. I worked on pick-and-roll moves and getting my jump shot off quicker on those type of set plays. I also focused on attacking the basket and handling the ball better in those situations. I also worked on what might be considered the little things such as ripping the ball through, catching the ball and being prepared to shoot immediately, staying wide in the post. The new coaching staff has really stressed the fundamentals of basketball and working on them to make us better players.”

How Has The Strength And Conditioning Program Helped Improve Your Game?
“Our strength and conditioning program has helped me improve my game tremendously. I feel that my post play will be much better this year because I am much stronger. My ability to sit in the post and get a defender behind me has significantly improved. I feel that I am better prepared in the post to either take the shot I want to take or make the move I want to make. It also has helped my in my boxing out and rebounding skills. I feel I am better equipped to be successful on defense and in the post because of our new strength and conditioning program. My all-around has definitely improved. I am also in better condition, which allows me to play harder for longer periods of time.”

Describe A Leonard Hamilton Practice Session.
“The main word I would use to describe a Leonard Hamilton practice session is intense. We go 100 percent the entire time we are on the court. Right now there is a lot of teaching by the coach and even more learning by the players going on. The coaches are very vocal on the court and are able to correct our mistakes without taking away from the flow of practice. Once we learn Coach Hamilton’s system, practice is going to be up and down the court and very fast paced like Coach Hamilton wants to play.”

What Are Some Of The Things You Have Learned During The First Week Of Practice?
“The main thing I have learned is that you have to listen and pay attention at all times. Unfortunately the coaching staff has had to repeat things a number of times and that only serves to slow practice down quite a bit. I have also learned how to play a real motion offense with five players on the court. Playing a motion offense can get hectic because there are five players on the court with no real set spot each one of them has to be in.”

What Are You Most Looking Forward To This Season?
“I am mainly looking forward to winning basketball games this season. Last year is in the past and I am ready to start a new season. We are all beginning the year with a fresh start. I want to play my hardest each time I step onto the court and do my best for Florida State basketball. Hopefully by me doing my best and all of the players around their doing my best, we can come out with a win as many times as we possibly can.”

What Is Your Most Favorite Aspect Of The Basketball Training Center?
“There isn’t one particular thing I enjoy the most about the Basketball Training Center – there are so many things to like about the building. Just being able to come to the facility whenever we want to and whenever we need to is important. We have a great locker room and lounge where it is fun to hang out with the rest of the players on the team. Our training room is our own training room and whenever we need to get treatment we can. The basketball facility – I don’t have to say anything about that – it’s just unbelievable.”

Who Would Be On Your All-Time Starting Five And Why?
“My all-time starting five would be Michael Jordan, “Pistol” Pete Maravich, Larry Bird, Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant. I will probably need a four-man so I’d have to put Julius Erving somewhere on the team. I thing we could beat some people with that kind of talent on the court at the same time. All of those players, with the many things they have done individually and for their teams.

When Did You Begin Playing Basketball And What Do You Like Most About The Game?
“The earliest time I can remember playing basketball was when my brother, Keith, was in second grade. He was playing in a rec league and I was able to play on his team with him. I played up a couple of years because they didn’t have a league for me. I was tall for my age even when I was younger. I like that anything can happen in a game of basketball. It’s a game of runs and anybody can go on a hot streak and anybody can go on a cold streak. I love the pace of the game and running up and down the court.”

If You Could Leave Two Tickets To Any One Game This Season To Two People, Who Would They Be And Why?
“I would leave two tickets for my parents to either our game at Duke or one of our tournament games at the University of Arizona. They don’t get to watch me play nearly enough in person and they would love to watch us play Duke at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Duke was always one of my favorite teams when I was growing up. That would be fun for them.”

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