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Home Is Where The Hoops Are For Wilson

Feb. 21, 2006

Saying that Andrew Wilson has been a Seminole forever isn’t as far from reality as it might seem. However, saying that he played with the great Bob Cousey would be a stretch. But one thing that the sixth-year senior has done is make Tallahassee his home in more than one way.

Having parents that graduated from Florida State, Wilson ‘s Kennesaw, Ga., home was as garnet and gold as they come. For that reason, it is no surprise that he made the decision to come to Florida State.

“For my first year, they came down for every game,” Wilson said. But the five hours each way started to
wear upon Wilson’s parents. Following his freshman year, they picked up and moved to Tallahassee to be closer to their son who was quickly becoming a star for the Seminoles.

” It’s meant a lot that they have picked up and moved to support me,” Wilson said. The support was tested in Wilson’s first game in his sophomore campaign versus Florida, as Adam Waleskowski was pushed into him. His right knee buckled awkwardly causing a sprain to his MCL. The season was over only seven minutes after it had begun. He was issued a medical redshirt to preserve eligibility.

In his redshirt sophomore season, the injury bug bit again, this time coming in the fifth game of the season versus Miami. As he dove for a loose ball, a ligament in his right wrist was torn. With the surgery, Wilson’s second sophomore season was through. Luckily, the NCAA granted him another medical redshirt, allowing him to become the first player in Florida State, and ACC history to play in six seasons.

In his five seasons, Wilson has been known as a scrappy, team player that will do whatever it takes to
win. Playing tough defense and making the clutch shot have been trademarks of his often underrated play.

It is this team mentality and heart of a champion that makes him a logical choice to move into the coaching

“I really want to get into coaching; I can’t see myself getting away from the game,” Wilson said. “My dream job is right here in Tallahassee, there is no place I’d rather coach. I was born and raised a Seminole,
and I’ve spent six wonderful years in the garnet and gold. I can think of no better place to be.”

And that’s where many Seminole fan’s hope to see Wilson in the years to come. His leadership to the recent crop of young talent has been second to none. He is the first to rise in support, and also first to
beckon the fans to be louder.

“The ACC is the Mecca of college basketball,” Wilson said. “I’ve been to so many historic arenas and played against the best players in the nation. But there is one thing I’ve dreamed of since I started,
the NCAA Tournament.”

Reaching the big dance is the one thing missing from Wilson’s legacy. One that will be remembered for its tough play, clutch shots and never say die attitude. On March 12, better known this year as Selection Sunday, we will find out if Wilson ‘s career will be completed with dancing shoes.

By A.J. Henderson
FSU Sports Information
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