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How Well Do You Know… Junior Captain Miranda Foley

May 17, 2005

Florida State women’s tennis student-athlete Miranda Foley (Cambridge, England/Houston) wanted to see if her teammates and coaches were paying her any attention in her first year. FSU Sports Information sat down with the junior captain, rookie Tapiwa Marobela (Garborone, Botswana/Clapham) and first-year head coach Jennifer Hyde. All are in there first season in Tallahassee and surprisingly, have been getting to know Miranda, on and off the tennis courts.

What is the one thing that you must have on a road trip?
Miranda: My CD player and CDs
Tapiwa: Her CD player
Coach Hyde: Her music

What do you miss the most about the University of Houston?
Miranda: I miss my friends at Houston
Tapiwa: The close relationships she built with some of the student-athletes
Coach Hyde: Her friends

What is your favorite Tallahassee restaurant?
Miranda: Ruby Tuesdays, right now, I go there quite often because of their salad bar.
Tapiwa: Ruby Tuesday
Coach Hyde:
Melting Pot

What is your favorite Coach Hyde saying? Foley on the court
Miranda: Make the most of this opportunity because before you know it you will be a senior, and I totally agree with it.
Tapiwa: Hmmmm….
Coach Hyde:
Don’t waste any time it will pass by before you know it.

Forehand or Backhand
Miranda: Forehand
Tapiwa: Forehand
Coach Hyde:

Singles or Doubles
Miranda: Doubles
Tapiwa: Doubles
Coach Hyde:

Favorite Rapper
Miranda: If I had to pick it would be 50 Cent because he’s the only one I know.
Tapiwa: She doesn’t have one.
Coach Hyde: She’s really not into rap music.

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