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How Well Do You Know Your Teammate Mara Freshour?

Nov. 14, 2005

Throughout the semester, Sports Information’s Derick Thornton will be testing members of the women’s basketball team to see how well they know each other off of the court, with a series of fun, light-hearted questions. So how well do freshmen Britany Miller and Kyria Buford know fellow freshman Mara Freshour? Check it out below:

Mara Freshour

Britany Miller

Kyria Buford
What is Mara’s favorite dessert? Peach Cobbler, good dessert for the cold weather Ice cream Cheesecake
What is Mara’s favorite TV show? Any channel with sports Laguna Beach The news
What is Mara’s favorite restaurant? Osaka Qdoba The Lunchbox
What is Mara’s favorite part of campus? The fountains in front of Westcott The gym The gym
Who is Mara’s favorite actress? Jennifer Garner Jennifer Love Hewitt Sandra Bullock
SUV or Sports Car? SUV SUV sports car
Night In or Night Out? night in night in night in
Mountains or Beaches? beaches beaches beaches
Morning class or Night class? morning class morning class night class
Apple iPod or Sony Walkman? Apple iPod Apple iPod Sony Walkman
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