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In 25 Words Or Less….With Senior Golfer Katie Quinney.

May 20, 2004

We put senior golfer Katie in the hot seat as asked for her answers to five burning questions ranging from the toughest hole at the NCAA Championshop to what her legacy as a senior will be.

What is the toughest hole on the Grand National Golf Course…I’d say the toughest hole on this course is hole number two. There is water up the left side and the fairway is cut in on the right. You have to hit a draw to take you ball over the bunker and you have to hit a fade to take it over the water. If the pin is on the left side on your second shot you have no room to work with because the water falls down the back and on the left side. There is also a huge really deep bunker on the front of the green. It’s a really hard green to hit. Fortunately, I birdied the hole in round two. The middle of the green is the highest point of the green and it dives off to both sides. If the pin is on the left and you are on the right, you have a near-impossible putt. I think it’s important to hit the fairway and get on either the right or the left side depending where the pin is.

What is the legacy you are leaving as a senior golfer at Florida State…I really hope that as we team we finish in the top ten of the national tournament. No Seminole team in the last 20 years has finished in the top 10. I would like to finish in the top 10. That would be pretty cool seeing that we lost Kristin Tamulis after last season and some people thought we might not even qualify for regionals. To be the team with Carrie Sordel and Alison Curdt to be the team to put a top 10 finish in the books would be really neat.

What is your favorite memory of your senior year…I will always remember playing so well at the University of Georgia tournament. I was fortunate to play well every day of that event. I will also remember shooting 67 at the ACC Championship because my parents were there and large number of people from my family were all there to see it. That was really neat. It’s great to be able to finish my career at the NCAA Championship and to be able to play with Carrie – my buddy and my best friend. It’s been a lot of fun.

What will you miss the most when the season is over…I will miss the team and my teammates. If you have a bad day on the course there won’t be any teammates to be able to talk to when the round is over. You can have an awful day one day and be the hero the next day. There is always the element of each individual day that your teammates are around to help you out.

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