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In 25 Words Or Less…With Sophomore Golfer Caroline Larsson

May 20, 2004

We put sophomore golfer Caroline Larsson in the hot seat as asked for her answers to five burning questions ranging from what tine of day she would like to play to her favorite part of the season.

What is the toughest Hole on the Grand National Golf Course…I feel that hole number 13 has been the toughest for me. I do not like the drive – it does not look good to me and I can not carry the bunker. Many of misses are right and to be right on hole 13 is not good because it kicks down and you have to play an awful lye. I don’t like the drive. In addition, the green is one of the higher up then we you stand on the fairway. The green is also very tough. I just don’t like that hole even though I have carded at least two par.

Would you rather play in the morning of the afternoon…I would rather play in the morning on every day but the final day. To be able to play in the afternoon on the final day would mean we had a chance to finish in the top 10. It’s cooler, it’s less windy and the greens are better in the morning. Later in the day you can see every footprint on the green and that can be disturbing when you are putting. When you play in the morning, you don’t have to sit around until noon with nothing to do.

How much do you appreciate going to the NCAA Championship…I love playing in the NCAA Championship. I expect to play in the NCAA Championship each year I am at Florida State. It would be awesome to play in the national’s each year – that is one of my goals.

What has been your favorite part of this season…Playing in the NCAA Championship. Coming in fourth in regionals and coming here was awesome. Getting Carrie Sordel back for the postseason was great news. It’s been a fun season from the start.

What are some differences in playing at Florida State and at home in Sweden…I usually play only as an individual back home but here I really enjoying playing as a team, which is the biggest difference. Other than that the heat is the biggest difference.

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