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In The Hot Seat: 10 Random Questions For Seminole Softball Junior BillieAnne Gay

Feb. 1, 2005

Up until the opening day of the season, Florida State Sports Information intern Darren will sit down with one of the Seminole softball players each week and get to know them a little closer by asking 10 random questions. We like to call it the hot seat, because let’s be honest, who can prepare for half of the questions Darren Sbraga manages to ask? Next up is BillieAnne Gay


What is your favorite thing about playing softball at FSU?
Probably the travel, we get to go to a lot of cool places and I have my family in town when we’re here.

Do you feel as though softball gets the attention it deserves?

I think it’s getting a lot better you know, with the success but I definitely don’t think it gets the attention it deserves yet.

When you get in the shower, what’s the first thing that you wash?

My arms and hands.

If you could change any rule about softball what would it be?

“…Probably Kim or Tatiana, because they’re real stingy with their money.”

I would change the defense only position so everyone gets to play offense and defense.

If a train leaves Boston heading west at 60mpg and at the same time a train leaves Chicago heading east at 40mpg, then what is the capital of Cypress?
(smiles) I have no idea.

If the team were on survivor, who would win?

Probably Kim or Tatiana, because they’re real stingy with their money.

Chunky or smooth peanut butter?


What was your favorite childhood cartoon?

The Smurfs.

Who was your first celebrity crush?

Christian Slater

Do you like the toilet paper to roll from the top or bottom?

The top.

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