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In The Locker Room With Golfer Alison Curdt

Oct. 5, 2002

Junior Alison Curdt enjoyed the best tournament of her Seminole career as she finished in a tie for 12th place in the individual standings at the Chrysler ACC/SEC Challenge. Curdt enjoyed the best finish of her career (tied for 12th), shot her lowest three-round tournament score (223), shot her lowest tournament score relative to par (+10) and finished as the highest ranking Seminole in a tournament for the first time during her career. Curdt sat down with seminoles.com to tell Florida State fans what’s in her golf bag.

What is your favorite club and why?

“My favorite club is my seven iron. I have confidence in that club and feel that I can hit many different shots with it. I could probably play all 18 holes with my seven iron.”

What type of balls do you use (more carry, less spin, etc) and how do you mark them for each round? Does the mark have any significant meaning? How long have you been marking your ball that way?

“I play each round with a Titleist Pro V. I mark it with a green Nike swoosh and have marked the ball I play with in competition that way for the last seven years.”

What have you put on the outside or your bag as decorations?

“I have decorated the outside of my bag with pins I have received from my parents and Coach Dillman from many of the various tournaments I have played in.”

Do you carry any thing inside of your bag for good luck?

“I always carry a lot of golf balls inside of my bag just in case….”

How long have you been playing with the set of clubs that are in your bag right now?

“I have been playing with my current set of clubs for just over a year.”

What do carry to mark your balls on the green?

“I carry either a Seminole ball marker or a marker I feel is bringing me luck in the specific tournament I happen to be playing in.”

What is you career low round score? Where and when did you do it? Do you have any career holes-in-one?

“My career low single-round score is 66 which I shot in July of 2001 at the Gateway National Golf Course. I have hit two holes in one during my career including one during the 2002 NCAA Central Regional while we were playing at the golf course at Michigan State.”

What is your most favorite course?

“My favorite golf course is at Sleepy Hollow Country Club in Scarborough, N.Y. where I played in the U.S. Women’s Amateur Open this past summer.

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