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Injured Players Returning To Practice As Maryland Game Nears

Nov. 14, 2007

Tallahassee, Fla.Florida State got some good news on Wednesday as running back Antone Smith and cornerback Tony Carter both practiced. The two starters were injured in the Seminoles’ game last Saturday against Virginia Tech. While depth is still a concern at both running back and linebacker, five of the eight players listed on Sunday’s injury report participated to some extent tonight as the team went 20 periods in shells.





Head Coach Bobby Bowden
On what the Senior Day game means to the team:

“Well it’s a very important game to them. Most players in any sport really, most of their memories are of their last game here. And their families will be here.”


On how important this game is:

“Well you like to win, just wanna win every game. Just take every game and win it, that’s your only objective: win the next ball game. I think Maryland‘s fighting to get a bowl. They’re not bowl eligible yet so they need to win, that’s good motivation. We’ll have good motivation just because we’re home.”


On the injuries that Maryland has had to overcome:

“They went through a very big rash of injuries early in the year. I think they get their other running back back this week, (Keon) Lattimore. They are hitting a stride right now. Look at the games they’ve lost, they’ve been close. They lost to Wake Forest in overtime. I think they lost to Virginia on the last play, they’ve been close.”


On Maryland‘s Head Coach Ralph Friedgen and his sneak plays:

“He does that against everybody because he has a great back playing. He’s been an outstanding offensive coach all of his life. We’ve been playing against him for a long time when he was at Georgia Tech he was the offensive coordinator. He’s a very good schemer.”


PK Gary Cismesia:

On how he will play his last game at Doak Campbell Stadium:

“It’s just like I’ve done every other game and just try to finish it out strong. I’ll try not to think about it after. I was just thinking offseason conditioning is going to be coming up next year and I’m not going to be part of it, I’m gonna miss stuff like that. I’m gonna miss a lot of it but I’m trying to not think about it. Yea excited but it’s gonna be sad, it’s gonna be my last time I get to go out on Doak so its definitely going to be sad.”


On being able to play for Florida State:

“It’s just been unbelievable, you know you watch it on TV and you hear about Florida State and then actually get to go out there and be a part of it  and play on that field that so many great people have played on that field. To just go out there and have a chance is unbelievable.”


On his most memorable game:

Miami just recently and Duke, both times when I went 5-5 and the 53 yarder against Rice. Probably the 5-5 against Duke, it was my first game and it was just unbelievable.”


DE Everette Brown:

On the Senior Day game:
“Well, coming out this week at practice that is something that’s been reminded to the seniors all throughout the practice with practice. They are ready to play injured, banged up, they’re ready to give it all they got because they say this is our last time in Doak and we want to make it memorable. We’re gonna come together as a team Saturday at noon and get a big win for the seniors in their last game at Doak.”


On playing Saturday against Maryland:

“We’re expecting the trick plays because they are a team coming in here upset about Boston College. They don’t have anything to lose. They are at .500 on their record. They have been in to some close games. Most of the games they have lost have been within a touchdown. It’s pretty similar as far as up and downs to us when they have been in the game and just not able to finish it.”


On what he has learned from the seniors:

“The main thing is poise. You gotta have poise out there on the field, when things don’t get going right or things aren’t going your way from the start you just to have enough poise and be mature enough to let the game come to you. A lot of times young players get antsy out there and you get all uptight in big games. The biggest thing I’ve learned is to play loose, have fun and have poise, that’s something these seniors have done.”

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