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The Florida State women’s basketball spent their off day in Italy on Lake Como, taking a boat ride through the expansive beautiful water to Bellagio, where the team shopped and explored the historic city.

Later in the day, some members of the team and staff took a 45-minute bus ride across the Italian border to Lugano, Switzerland, marking the third country the Seminoles have visited on their trip.

FSU wraps up its 2013 foreign tour experience on Thursday against German professional club in Lake Como, before beginning the trek back to Tallahassee Friday morning.

Freshman Gabby Bevillard spoke to about her day and the trip so far.

Gabby Bevillard, Freshman Forward

Lake Como was beautiful. Our hotel is right on the lake, so once we woke up this morning we had a great view of Lake Como. We took a boat to Bellagio early, which was even more beautiful. We walked around the city, shopped and ate some gelato.

Everything we saw on Lake Como was beautiful. All of the houses were different colors and some of them were way up in The Alps. Everything was beautiful. I saw George Clooney’s house and that was awesome.

I sat next to Ivey (Slaughter) and we did our usual thing – just were cracking jokes…taking photos. We took some “selfies.” We talked to Coach Wyckoff (who played professionally overseas) about the different style of play in Europe. In American, it’s a lot more aggressive and in your face. In Europe, it is a lot more laid back – you can’t use your hands and you have to move your feet.

I’ve been to Switzerland before, but I just love traveling to different countries. We had fun shopping in Lugano. We went into the Versace, Gucci and Louis Vutton stores. We went into Louis Vutton and tried to look at prices, but most of them didn’t have any. They were probably too expensive, haha.

Morgan (Jones) and I both bought chocolate and went to a candy store. We bought some key chains too.

I’m half-French. My dad is from there. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve experienced a lot of different countries. I hadn’t experienced Italy before. I’m very grateful I got to this week. Florence reminded me of Paris. It’s great to experience all this with my teammates. Just chilling with them and shopping is my favorite part.

I haven’t been able to play (Gabby is recovering from a knee injury), but it’s been fun to see the different styles of play. Like in Senegal, there were no fouls called. In Italy, I felt like every foul was called. It was fun cheering them on. We got a great win yesterday.

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