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Interview III: Carly Sits Down With Videographer and The Voice of Seminole Softball Radio,

March 29, 2005

Florida State softball is truly lucky to have such a caring and hard working support staff! I could talk forever about the care and encouragement they provide us with daily. My next interview is with one of our helpful staff members, Craig Campanozzi.

Many athletes know him as “Campo”. Campo works as videographer for the football, volleyball, soccer and the softball teams here at Florida State. Campo films all our games and he is also the voice of our radio broadcasts. He makes motivational videos to keep our team pumped throughout the season. He provides individual batting tapes for each player to help us correct our hitting. Campo even helps out at practice shagging balls or pitching for extra batting practice. He is always going above and beyond his required job to help our team wherever it is needed and we really appreciate the endless hours he devotes to the Seminole squad.

Recently, I had the chance to visit with him on a bus ride home from Georgia because I wanted the Seminole athletic community to know a little more about this incredible man .

Carly Brieske

How long have you been here at Florida State University?

I started volunteering during my undergraduate schooling with football and softball. Then, I became the football equipment manager. I always loved softball so I convinced Coach Graf to let me work the scoreboard for the games back when it was still slow pitch.

Tell me about your history with the legendary Coach Graf?

Well I have worked with Coach Graf for a long time. I think I’m up to around 690 games. She is great. She is a woman of her word. She’s honest and has class. She’s in the coaching dynasty. Coach Bowden and Martin are in a category with her.

Many generations of FSU athletes know “Campo”. Who gave you the nickname and is there any significance?

No not really, early in elementary school it just came from people shortening my last name.

What motivates you everyday to be so committed and devoted to helping our team?

“Campo is always going above and beyond his required job to help our team wherever it is needed and we really appreciate the endless hours he devotes to the Seminole squad.”

Anything you want to do, you want to leave it all on the field. Everyone doesn’t understand I want to put in the same amount of time the coaches, players, trainers, and rest of the support staff are putting in.

What is something your parents told you was true when you were little that you completely believe.

Honesty. People can see it in you and you become trusted. It’s hard sometimes but with honesty and hard work good things happen.

What is your favorite movie?

There are so many good ones. Breakfast Club, Rebel Without A Cause with James Dean, and I really think Million Dollar Baby was great and it deserved all the awards it got.

What is something surprising about you?

I got my degree in English Education.

Who have been your favorite sports teams you have worked with?

The 2002 Softball World Series team. It was just a special group. The 1990 FSU football season team also…they overcame a lot of injuries and I was really close with the senior class. Also, the 1991 Atlanta Falcon team, the FSU National Championship squad in 1999 and last season’s Soccer College Cup group.

What is the biggest sporting event you have ever gone to?

The College Cup for Soccer, National Championship game, the Super Bowl when it was hosted in Atlanta and I was the equipment manager for the Falcons, and of course the Women’s College World Series.

Since you’ve seen so many squads over the years, what is it going to take for this team to all come together (the million dollar question, a lot of people have been wondering)?

This team has so much talent. There is too much talent and too many great people on this team. It’s just a matter of pulling together as a squad. It will come.


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