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Interview VI: Carly Sits Down With Top 6 For Service Honoree, Carey Galuppi

April 21, 2005

Carly Brieske and teammate Natasha Jacob have been recognized by Fox Sports Net and the ACC Live for all their contributions to seminoles.com each week. Just for that, the TV crew is flying in next week to tape a special segment on the two softball standouts so stay tune for more information on when it will air. The segment will be a special behind-the-scenes interview on the two players.

Carey’s Picture Book

(CARLY’S THOUGHTS:) It is hard to put into words how important Carey Galuppi is to me as a friend and a member of our team. She is the type of person that defines the term role model and just recently the ACC acknowledged all the time and effort she puts back into the community by awarding her as one of the Top 6 For Service receipts. She received this honor because she was one of the top six athletes at Florida State that contributed to the community. Carey has given so much of her free time to the community and impacted many lives here in Tallahassee. She is an incredible human being and a person that is a very close friend of mine. I thought everyone would love to get to know Carey Galuppi this week . . .

CB: What has been your favorite service project this year?

CG: I love working at the Southwood Learning Center. It is a clean, well-maintained facility and the people who works there are great. I also like volunteering at Southwood because there are such a variety of ages. There are eight week old babies all the way up to five year olds. I enjoy working with kids with anything I do. They bring me such joy.

CB: What is the best result you have seen in someone’s life you have impacted?

CG: Someone I have impacted? Yicks, I don’t really know the people I have impacted. Last summer I worked as a softball huddle leader Maryland at a FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) camp. I wasn’t exactly sure how I ended up in Maryland working the camp or why I was there, but by the end of the week I knew I wasn’t there by mistake. My roommate, another huddle leader except she played Field Hockey, was experiencing a difficult situation in her life. Something I had recovered from so I knew exactly what she was going through. Our friendship became very strong by the end of the week and I know I inspired her and she also inspired me. It was no accident we were placed in that same place at the same time. Isn’t it great when things work out like that? Emily, hope you read this and I hope you are doing well!

Kim Hoffer (left) and Carey Galuppi (right)

CB: When have you felt a big sense of accomplishment?

CG: These are tough questions. I am a “list” person. I love writing tasks down and crossing them off when I complete them. It is a very accomplishing feeling. That is my little accomplishment feeling, and as far as my big accomplishment . . . I feel like I have searched for a long time, trying to figure out who I am. I am at a stage in my life where things make sense. I know I have many new things to experience in my life. I feel like I have experienced a sense of accomplishment because for so long I was looking in the wrong places. Also, just being here at Florida State is an accomplishment and especially playing softball, it is definitely an answer to prayer and a blessing in my life. I sometimes still wake up and feel like I need to pinch myself because I love it here so much.

CB: When was a time when you were in a high pressure situation and how you reacted?

CG: Of course, when I get opportunities to play in big games I feel like I am in a high pressure situation. But I put that pressure o myself. As far as a specific high pressure situation, nothing is coming to mind. A funny story popped in my mind: when I was little I had a fear of being home alone. Well, my “evil” brother (not anymore) decided to play a trick on me. I was already on edge because my mom left me alone for at the most an hour. Granted I was probably nine years old or so, anyways, my brother parked his bike around the house (so I couldn’t see it) and started BANGING on the door. Shaking it as hard as he could. He was saying in a deep voice, OPEN UP! Yeah, knowing me, I PANICKED big time and called the cops. I told them someone was trying to break in my house. Then I heard his little giggle behind the door and had to explain myself to the cop. I was so mad at him. That in my opinion was a high pressure situation. (laughs)!

CB: What would you say is your most admirable quality?

CG: Admirable, umm…I want people to notice that I never give up.

CB: What personal quality to you desire?

CG: I desire to have a greater level of patience spiritually, athletically, academically, socially, and so on. Oh yeah, and it would be so much fun to be able to sing and play the piano.

CB: Who do you resemble more your mom or dad, and how?

CG: I can’t only pick one of them. I resemble in mom in many ways. Her traits have rubbed off on me. She loves to read and I do also. In her early 20’s she loved the beach, need I say anymore. I hope I will continue to take after her because she is the best mom and a great example. She definitely never gave up- Thanks mom! Well my dad bites his nails, and although I am getting better, I got that bad habit from him. He also ran track in college and was (and still is) very competitive so I received that from him also. Lastly, my Italian blood is from him and my BROWN EYES- thanks dad!

CB: What is your best vacation?

CG: Once again, I am having a hard time giving you only one answer. I want to tell you about four unforgettable trips. I loved our family trip to Alaska. We were able to spend quality time with the entire family and the site seeing was amazing. I also loved Aruba with my dad and brother. I think that trip was so great because I was able to hang out with my brother. By the way never go to Aruba with your brother. . .everyone there thought we were a couple. I loved my trip with my dad last summer to Las Vegas. We had such a good time. We went shopping (against his will), saw Celion Dion in concert and saw Circus du Soleil. It was so much fun just spending time with him. Lastly, one of my most favorite trips was with my mom for my 18th birthday. We went to England, where my mom lived a while when she was younger. I love Europe! It was great to walk around England and Paris and learn more about my mom.


CB: What is your favorite desert?

CG: Orea Milkshakes! My dad and I used to make the best milkshake when I was little. It is a “secret” so I can’t tell you how we did it.

CB: Who was your favorite childhood star?

CG: Probably, Zach from Saved by the Bell! I thought he was the coolest and Jesse from Full House.

CB: What are your plans for this summer?

CG: I am planning on working at the Children’s Learning Center in Southwood. I am very excited. Anything that has to do with kids excites me. I am also planning on going home (S. Florida) on the weekends and during the month of August to work for my dad. He recently opened a restaurant on a golf course and I want to be the “cart girl” and drive around in those fun carts and sale food to golfers. I am also planning on taking a few golf lessons, I think after softball I am going t o take up golf. (laughs)


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