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It’s All In The Family For Darius McClure

Oct. 1, 2008

His family is what led him to start playing football. Watching his uncles, including Chris Woods, a former Auburn and Oakland Raiders football player, got him to start playing football. At family gatherings, all of his uncles, cousins and his brother would play in the yard until the day he got to play Pop Warner and has never looked back since.

Now in his final season at Florida State, the safety has huge expectations for not only his team but for himself as well.

“I haven’t made any spectacular plays here at Florida State so my expectations are to go out with a bang,” explains McClure. “I want to do my best to leave everything I’ve got out on the field and leave with no regrets. As a team, my expectations are to win that ACC Championship and hopefully get to the National Championship.”

According to the Birmingham, Ala., native the team has done a lot of team building off the field so when they are on the field, the team can gel together. He says that by just being closer, working harder together and trusting one another it will lead them to accomplish their goals.

McClure will use his qualities of leadership, staying positive, bringing energy and enthusiasm to do his
part in helping lead them team back to a championship level.

“Winning is important to him and being better then average is important to him,” according to his position
coach Mickey Andrews. “The important thing is to play with a passion to become the best you can be
and he’s striving to do that.”

While at Florida State, Coach Andrews has taught him a lot, not only on the field, but off the field as well.

“I’ve learned a lot from coach Andrews,” stated the social science major. “As far as football, he’s the
coach, I’m expected to learn a lot of stuff from him. As far as off the field, I’ve learned a lot. He teaches all of us about character, he’s big on character and hard work. I’ve learned a lot from him”

After his football career, McClure wants to have two restaurants in the United States. His first will be an
upscale restaurant named 2020 after his home address because it reminds him of his mother’s cooking.
His second restaurant will feature soul food and southern food and he plans to name it after the people who matter most to him, his parents.

By Maryjane Gardner
Sports Information Office

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