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It’s Game Time! Seminoles Wrap Up Preparations For Western Carolina

Sept. 4, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – It seems like the FSU football team has been waiting forever to get into Doak Campbell Stadium and play a game. The last time the Seminoles played at home was November 17, 2007. Well the wait is almost over. With just two days remaining before the season opener, FSU put the final touches on its game plane practicing 15 periods in shorts on Thursday. In keeping with tradition, most of the team were wearing the wrong practice jersey as you will see in the photo gallery today.



Head coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“I think we have done about everything we can do to prepare this team for a ball game. Thank goodness the season in finally here.  The kids are anxious to play somebody.  The coaches have worked them hard; we have covered everything we can think of the cover and so now it’s just a matter if the kids go out there play as hard as they can and execute.  That’s all I can ask.  If we do that I think we do good. 


On the status of Ja’Baris Little:

“You knew we got (Ja’Baris) Little back.  He has missed practices but Coach Coley has been meeting with him.  So, he will have an idea and he might get in the game and he might not.  It’s just according to how that game goes.”


On his battle against Joe Paterno as the winningest coach in major college football

“The thing about that – the only one thing that takes care of it is winning.  You have to win and that’s what we want to do anyway.  That’s what we are trying to do.  Whatever happens there I can’t worry about that either.  If somebody can’t find anything else to write about I `m sure they will (continue to write about it).  That’s alright; that’s okay.  Be sure to mention my name.”


On the rule changes in college football

“That’s been a rule anyway (no chop blocks).  In our scrimmages we have used the 40-second clock.  I like it and I think all of our coaches like it.  But I haven’t seen any problems with it.  I really think it give you more time.”


Quarterback Drew Weatherford:


On how he can help the team:

“I can be there for the younger guys by talking to them and calming them down. I remember when it was my first start and being really nervous and jittery. I’ll try to talk them through certain situations and just be there for them.”


On whether he will feel weird on Saturday:

“I have done it before. I have been benched before. I have always started the first game so it will be weird. I will just have to adapt to the change.”



Wide Receiver Bert Reed:

His feelings for Saturday:

“It’s more about anticipation. We are all ready to play. There are no butterflies yet, but I’m sure ill get some on Saturday during the game.”


If he has talked to Preston Parker about Saturday:

“Preston and I talk a lot. We are roommates so we talk a lot more than we should. He helps me a lot with everything. I know he wants the best for me. I can’t wait until Preston as well as the other guys who are suspended get back so we can reach our full potential.”


His expectations for himself:

“My main expectation is to block. The coaches really want me to run with the ball but I really want to show these coaches I can block. I’m small but I really do have heart. I want to help my teammates and block for them. I don’t want to be selfish.”


His feelings on waiting for the game to get here:

“It feels likes it’s been a whole two years. I’m ready for this game to get started.”


On Jimbo Fisher’s comment about the team getting anxious:

“It started at the beginning of this week. We are tired of hitting the same guys, tired of hitting our teammates and tired of hearing the coaches yell at us. I want them to know that we are on the same side. It has been a long time coming for this game. I think everyone is ready.”



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