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Jimbo Fisher Press Conference – September 6th – Florida State University

Jimbo Fisher Press Conference – September 6th – Florida State University


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Jimbo Fisher Press Conference - September 6th

1.       Did the film tell a similar story?

We did, we played well, like we thought and it was obvious.
We did a lot of the little things well. A lot of little details I was very
pleased with. Guys were able to take to the field and play consistently
throughout the game. For the most part they kept up their intensity level high.
Was very pleased when our backups came into the game they played with the same
mentality. They played hard for the whole sixty minutes. Tried to get better in
every aspect, didn't take any plays off or think like the game was over and
played like it was zero to zero. Every drive and every play we played with a
lot of intensity and I was very pleased with that part of it.

2.       Christian said the starting WR's made no
mistakes, is that accurate?

For the most part they were pretty mistake free. Played
hard, blocked well, and got on the right guys. There are a lot of technical
things we have to get better at, but for the most part, if you look at the
generality of what they were supposed to, they did that, there were where they
were supposed to be. There is always improvement on how you get there and the
technique you do it with and the speed you do it with, and with all those
things we will continue to grow, but for the most part, in that aspect of it,
they did a really good job.

3.       How much of a better indication will you
have of this team after this week?

I think we will definitely. 
You're upgrading in talent. You're going to one of the premier programs
in America in Oklahoma, and one of the best coached football teams in America.
It is going to be a very stiff challenge. We have a great challenge ahead of
us, and one where it will be interesting to see where we are at right now.

4.       Do you look at it as a measuring stick

I think it's a measuring stick for your team. When you
upgrade in talent and play the level of competition that Oklahoma is, with the
way their coached and the tradition they have and going on your first road trip
and all those things, I think it is. I think it's a great indicator of where
you are at right now and I am anxious to see our guys to see how they accept
the challenge of preparing to go play Oklahoma, not playing Oklahoma, but
preparing to play Oklahoma, I think that is the key part we have to keep
focusing on.

5.       How much different of a mindset is it
preparing for Oklahoma than it was for Samford last week?

Not one bit. We play every game like it the national
championship. Every game counts as one win, it counts as one loss. You have to
learn to prepare the same way. You don't change your preparation and we are not
going to change anything about it. The intensity level, our focus, our
concentration, our practice times, everything is going to be the same. You have
to treat every game the same. The only thing we can control is this week. We
cannot control the week after that and we cannot do anything about the week
that just left. We have to play this week and that is the focus and
concentration level we want them on.

6.       Did playing so many players provide you the
ability to further evaluate your own guys, especially the freshman?

It was good to get them out there and get some of those
nerves out. They understand now how to walk onto a college game field and
perform and with all the pressure that goes with it. All those butterflies and
anxiety and there will still be more of it because it's our first road game.
That is all part of the maturity process and the growing process but it was
very important to get them in games and to understand where they are at and how
to handle things and I was very pleased. A lot of those guys are going to be
counted on to keep growing in their development to provide backup roles and if
somebody gets hurt for them to be ready to play and some of them as they get
better will be counted on more in the game plan each week.

7.       When Coach Bowden first established FSU, he
played tough road games across the country like this. There hasn't been a game
like this for FSU in quite a while. Do you feel this is similar situation?

Traditionally Oklahoma is one of your traditional powers. I
guess that is what you mean when you're talking about FSU going to play Notre
Dame, Ohio State and those games on the road. 
You know we won a big road game against Boston College a couple years
ago when they were the number two in the country and a heck of a team, but this
is a game I am anxious to see. You know I think Florida State's program then he
was really establishing them in the limelight, and he established them, so now
hopefully we can handle those pressures and go out there. It is good for a
young football team, like I say we are still a very young football team with
six seniors playing, and a lot of freshman, sophomores and some juniors
playing.  I think it will be a great test
to our ability to prepare and go out there to handle a lot of adversity with a
hostile crowd and all those situations while going against all the great
coaching and players Oklahoma has.

8.       You only had one substitution penalty in
the first quarter, but later there were some other penalties in the second half
that were all personal fouls against the defense that were aggressive penalties
that maybe were a little borderline. Are you worried about those?

No, you always worry about any penalty, but how you make
penalties because there are smart penalties and there are dumb penalties. We
all want to be penalty free, but you are going to have a few mistakes every now
and then. That is going to happen, but how to you make them I think is very
important.  Just like a quarterback is
going to have a bad throw occasionally, but how he makes it. Some throws are
knucklehead throws and then there is some that as I like to say, the football
gods that is their will. Balls are going to get tipped or how you miss or do
things are important. All those penalties, I am anxious to see a ruling back on
them. I just want to see how they are calling them, I want to make sure so I
can make sure we are teaching are guys the right way to not put our head down
or put our shoulder. I thought a few of them were shoulder shots, but we will
get a ruling back from the ACC office to make sure we are teaching things
right. They were not discipline penalties, and I think that is the important
thing you got to look at. 

9.       A lot of people are looking at this as two
top twenty programs on national television playing each other. Is this as much
of a test for you as it is for the kids?

I think this is a test for our whole organization. By the
whole organization I mean that is the head coach, the assistant coaches, our
players, our administration, the way we prepare, the way we do things and just
our mindset at Florida State. Is about where we want to go and how we want to
get there. I think it's a test for everybody. Every game is a test, and this is
just bigger because it is on a national scale, it is on the road with two
nationally ranked teams.  I think that
all does play into it, so I think it's a test on all of us, and every week it
is. You play the conference schedule we play, and the out of conference
schedule we play, we are going to be tested every week.

10   Bob Stoops talked about how Utah State gave
them much different looks on offense. Can you get as much from the Utah State
film or is your offense just too much different?

They were, they are a lot different. Totally different than
the things we do. They have a quarterback that was very dynamic, scrambled and
made a lot of throws. That is for Coach Stoops and them to evaluate. You get
some things, some formations or things like that. You get some things out of
every film. How much or how similar we are, than the answer is we are not very

11.   Will you show previous games or the Utah
State games to the players?

We will show both. We will show last year, what they did and
with how they react to things and we will show this year because you have to
evaluate the personnel because it's different personnel and different people.
You have to show both.

12.   With Mark and Bob being brothers, does
Oklahoma run a similar defense to ours?

Lots of base stuff in there. As I say they haven't all been
together so they have all kind of evolved in their own direction, but the base
philosophies you can see a lot of similarities. Some of the base blitzes and
things, but there will be a lot of the nuances of the defense which will be
much different. You can see they all kind of went in their own way. Mark and
Mike went in their own way in the way they have changed it. 

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