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Kicking It With Rachel Lim

Oct. 18, 2010

By Zach Mendelson, Seminoles.com

1. How do you feel the season is going thus far and how is the team progressing?

Every game we learn a little more about our team like what are strengths and weaknesses are. I think the season has been going well and that we are maturing into a good team.

2. Being one of only three seniors, have you taken on a leadership role?

I believe that newcomers feel welcomed and comfortable coming up to me and asking questions. I’m not a big vocal leader and think you can lead by example, but I speak when it is needed.

3. What are your personal and team goals for this season?

Our team goal is, of course, a National Championship. My personal goals are whatever it is to help my team get us that Championship.

4. What is it like playing for Coach Krikorian?

I think Coach Krikorian is arguably one of the best coaches on a collegiate level and a professional level. Looking back at my freshman year to now, I see the type of player/person I was and the development I made to make me the player I am today. I’m thankful for playing under a professional environment that Coach K created.

5. Your siblings went to Miami, what made you decide to play at Florida State?

I visited Florida State several times, and with the coaching staff and their goal of a National Championship, facilities and academics I believed that FSU would be the right choice for me.

6. You are a member of the Dean’s List and Academic Honor Roll. Does academics come first for you and how to do you manage to balance school and soccer?

Coach makes sure that we know that school and a degree is always in front of athletics. Balancing school and soccer isn’t easy at first, but with the tutoring and academic center provided it helps with organizing and catching up on material that I missed from traveling.

7. Having played for the top high school team in the country, and now a top team here at FSU, have you been spoiled by all that winning or is the desire to win strong as ever?

Well, one thing is for sure we are spoiled with the facilities and gear that we have, but my desire to win is still strong. I’ve played in the Championship game of the final four and remember it vividly, and just off that my desire increases because I want to be back there.

8. What is your favorite team tradition and why?

I think it’s always been the dancing in the locker room. It calms the nerves, and lets us remember to have fun.

9. Any fun hobbies or any neat facts about yourself?

I do a lot of art (drawing, painting, and scratchboards) in my free time.

10. What is the most memorable moment of your time here at FSU?

Playing in the final four my freshman year.

11. If you could be remembered for one thing during your time here at Florida State, what would it be and why?

It would be hope. I came in FSU as a recruited walk-on. I knew nothing about tactics, wasn’t in shape, but had technical ability. My freshman year was a big developing year for me. My attitude, body language and tactics changed. I was able to get on the field towards the end of that year, and contribute important minutes. It wasn’t easy, but achievable. I would want to be remembered as a hard worker, so if any newcomers felt discouraged, they would realize that anything was possible.

12. What are you studying?

My major is exercise science. I like to learn about the body and how it works; it helps me especially being an athlete.

13. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

I would hope less than 5 years I will be playing professional soccer. I would hope in 10 years to have completed med school and working in the NICU. (Newborn Intensive Care Unit)

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