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Lady Seminole Tennis Opens Season

January 29, 1999

Head Coach Lise Gregory begins he third spring at Florida State on
Saturday with the Lady Seminoles’ first dual match of the season against
Jacksonville at 2:00 p.m.

The 1999 Florida State women’s tennis team will
offer a balanced Lady Seminole attack as they enter the new season. Six
veterans return from last seasons dual match line-up and the addition of
three talented freshman to the team will make the Seminoles a serious
competitor for the ACC title.

Ali Weber, a junior from Clermont , Florida, and Nanette Duxin, a
sophomore from Uruguay, are the Seminoles’ top returning players. Their
leadership and experience will be a key factor in Florida State’s success
this season.

“Ali did an unbelievable job for us as a sophomore,” said head
coach Lise Gregory. “She was very competitive for us at number one and
number two singles and had great wins over some of the best in the
Nanette Duxin will follow in Ali’s footsteps and could play at the
top of the Seminole line-up as a sophomore. Although this is only her
second season on the team, Duxin’s success in the fall proves that she is
ready to be a team leader. Duxin won the 1998 Roberta Alison Classic
defeating several top-ranked opponents along the way to her flight A

“There is a huge difference in Nanette’s play this year,” said
Gregory. “Her confidence level is much higher and she now realizes she can
beat anyone she faces.”

The ‘Noles also expect a tremendous amount of leadership from
another junior on the 1999 roster , Kia Asberg. Kia has had success for the
‘Noles at every position she has played. Her attitude and work ethic make
her one of the toughest competitors on the team. “We are very fortunate to
have upperclassmen like Kia and Ali who are well-respected for their
playing abilities and their exceptional attitudes. They care very much
about this team and they lead by example. They make my job easy.”

The Lady Seminoles also return two extremely hard working
sophomores, Christy Travis and Natalie Carratala, as well as senior Kylie
Thompson, who was a consistent performer last spring and is looking forward
to another solid season.

The final three team members for the 1999 Lady Seminoles are
Jessica Balbuena, from The Woodlands, Texas, Marina Raic, from
Friedrichshafen, Germany, and Alida Gallovits from Romania. These talented
freshman will play in the heart of the Florida State line-up and make major
contributions in the upcoming season. Balbuena and Raic have been
successful in 1998 fall tournaments, which is a glimpse of the bright
future to come for these two young Seminoles, while Gallovits only arrived
in Tallahassee in January.

“Jessica and Marina have already begun to make the necessary
adjustments in order to be competitive at the collegiate level,” said
Gregory. “They will be definite contributors in our spring season. Alida
only started school in January so everything is new to her. There is
always a little adjustment period, but she has played at a very high level
and is really going to help the team.”

“We have 5 or 6 people who are capable of playing #1 on this team.
It’s exciting to be in a situation like that, but we can’t forget that
talent is nothing without hard work and hustle.”

In addition to the promising potential that the Lady Seminoles have
shown on the court, they have always excelled off the court. The 1998
Seminole women’s tennis team was awarded Florida State University’s Golden
Torch Award for the second year in a row. This award goes to the athletic
program with the highest team GPA. Moreover, the Lady ‘Noles placed eight
of it’s team members on the ACC Academic Honor Roll and five on FSU’s
Dean’s List.

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