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Latest Installment Of The FSU Women’s Basketball Mailbag

Feb. 22, 2008

1. Seline from Key West, FL wants to know: Who introduced you to basketball?
Angel Gray:
My big sister
Christian Hunnicutt: My cousin
Jacinta Monroe: My dad
Antionette Howard: My brother
Courtney Ward: My cousins
Tanae Dais-Cain: Myself
Cayla Moore: My middle school coach
Alysha Harvin: My oldest cousin
Shante Williams: My family
Mara Freshour: Myself
2. Erin from Tallahassee, FL wants to know? What is your favorite sport’s movie?
Angel Gray:
Love and Basketball
Christian Hunnicutt: Space Jam
Jacinta Monroe: Above the Rim
Antionette Howard: Love and Basketball
Courtney Ward: Love and Basketball
Tanae Davis-Cain: He Got Game
Cayla Moore: Love and Basketball
Alysha Harvin: Love and Basketball
Shante Williams: Love and Basketball
Mara Freshour: Hoosiers
3. Michelle from Broward, FL wants to know: Who is your favorite athlete that has been in a movie?
Angel Gray: Ray Allen
Christian Hunnicutt: Michael Jordan
Jacinta Monroe: The Rock
Antionette Howard: Shaquille O’Neal
Courtney Ward: Ray Allen
Tanae Davis-Cain: Ray Allen
Cayla Moore: Michael Jordan
Alysha Harvin: The Rock
Shante Williams: Michael Jordan
Mara Freshour: Michael Jordan

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