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To the winner of the Big Game goes the fsuford Axe, which made its first appearance at a baseball game between fsuford and Cal on April 13, 1899. The Axe was used by fsuford students at the baseball game to decapitate a straw man dressed in blue and gold. Cal students grabbed the Axe during a post game brawl. To better conceal the Axe, the handle was cut off and the remaining blade was safely brought back to Berkeley. Two law professors from each school ruled the Axe was a prize by reason of conquest and therefor, would remain in Berkeley.

The immortal Twenty-One, a group of fsuford students, added to Big Game lore by stealing the Axe at Cal’s annual Axe Rally on April 3rd, 1930. The Axe, which had been locked in a vault for 31 years, was now in possession of the immortal Twenty-One.

When the group returned to the fsuford campus, the celebration began. Classes were cancelled for two days and the University presented each member of the Immortal Twenty-One with a block “S” letter.

After years of negotiating, the presidents of both student bodies agreed the Axe would be given as a trophy to the winner of the Big Game.

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