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Life Skills & Student Development

The N.O.L.E.S. Program:

New Opportunities for Leadership, Education and Service

Developed by the Florida State University Department of Athletics, the
NOLES program represents a commitment to the total growth and development of the student-athlete. This program establishes an administrative commitment to academic and athletic excellence. Those efforts will be supported with programs and services in personal development, career development and community service.

Personal Development

Fostering the development of personal growth is a fundamental component of the NOLES program. These support programs ensure that the student-athlete will be provided opportunities to focus on personal growth issues such as values clarification, goal setting, fiscal planning, decision making and personal responsibility. Programming focuses on helping student-athletes develop a healthy lifestyle while they are at Florida State and habits that will benefit them for life.

Career Development

Preparing for life after college sports is a major focus of the NOLES Career Development program. The program is designed to work cooperatively with the University’s Career Services to acquaint students with the job search process, provide networking opportunities and ultimately assist with job placement. This program places a priority on the development of the total person, with the goal of developing individuals who will have rewarding careers and productive lifestyles after they leave Florida State.

Community Service

Serving the community is the focus of our Seminole Spirit program. Student-athletes are challenged to give service to our community and individuals who are in need. With a clearly defined program of service, student-athletes are given the opportunity to develop the foundation for a lifelong commitment to volunteerism. The Seminole Spirit Student-Athlete Speakers’ Bureau enables student-athletes to improve their speaking skills, develop effective communication and impact the lives of others through their service as role models in our community.

Leadership Development

The Florida State University Department of Athletics is committed to developing programs of excellence that foster leadership development. The foundation of the leadership development program will be the two councils that represent the student-athletes at the University.

The Student-Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) serves as the advisory board to the NOLES program and the athletics administration. The prestigious board, comprised of two representatives of each athletic team at FSU, also recommends programming and serves as a liaison between student-athletes and the athletics administration. The Advisory Council plans and implements various events for student-athletes and serves as the department’s most visible ambassadors. The SAAC planned and hosted the annual Golden Nole banquet for the first time last year and have recently planned such events as orientation for incoming student-athletes and the back-to-school picnic.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength training and conditioning is an important part of any athlete’s performance on the field. At Florida State, this aspect of a student-athlete’s training is taken very seriously.

Strength and conditioning coach Steve Tamborra enters his third season as a member of the FSU baseball staff. He is a graduate of Florida State, receiving his bachelor’s degree in Nutrition & Fitness and master’s degree in Athletic Administration. Tamborra is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He is also certified through the American College of Sports Medicine.

The FSU baseball program’s philosophy for strength training is consistency with added variety. The dedicated Seminoles perform a 13-week off-season workout in the Moore Athletic Center weight room. The workout is specific to develop the needs and goals of each individual athlete. It consists of stretching, weight training, speed drills, plyometrics and aerobic conditioning. The off-season work-out’s aim is to increase the players’ speed, strength and durability. In addition to increasing an athlete’s performance, the workout is also designed to decrease the incidence of injury.

The Moore Athletic Center weight room is a complete facility with a new rubberized floor surface and a mirrored area which includes exercise systems by Cybex Eagle as well as free weight equipment. A variety of exercise bicycles, rowing machines and Stairmasters incorporate both strength and conditioning and cardiovascular endurance. The facility encompasses over 7,000 square feet.

During the season, the Seminoles continue their training in Dick Howser Stadium’s weight room. The team performs an in-season maintenance lift that is essential in keeping in top condition. The Howser weight room is conveniently located adjacent to the Seminoles’ clubhouse. It is complete with Cybex equipment, free weights and a variety of cardiovascular machines.

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