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Line Poised to Lead

by Layne Herdt (

Last year’s National Championship and record breaking offense would have never happened without the five guys up front and Florida State has five of the best entering the 2014 season.

“I’m blessed to have that offensive line,” redshirt sophomore quarterback Jameis Winston said.  “Everyone loves them really.  The running backs, the wide receivers, if they can’t protect me, I can’t get [the receivers] the ball.  They’re just doing an outstanding job, I love them.”

The Seminoles boast one of the most experienced offensive lines in the nation and that continuity is crucial for success.

“I think that’s a big thing, but we all like to look back and take it like we are that offensive line two or three years ago,’ senior guard Tré Jackson said.  “That was when everybody was trying to get their feet wet, coming out to practice trying to get better.”

Each day of practice is the same for the Seminole lineman.  They are the first ones on the field, tirelessly taking reps honing their craft.  For the seniors in the group, four years of being first on the field has definitely paid off.

“Yeah it pays off,” senior guard Josue Matias said.  “The more you see the defensive reps the more you learn.  The more times you see something the more it stays in your mind.  Offensive line movements aren’t natural, so the more you do it the more natural it’s going to be so I think it’s going to help us a lot.”

Now this group of upperclassmen are sharing their knowledge with the new class of Seminoles, a task they take seriously.

“I think that’s a big part,” Jackson said.  “Me coming in as a freshman, the guys that were here that pulled me through, that helped me learn all my plays, techniques played a big role.  Now I feel like the situation I’m in, looking back and helping those guys, pulling them through everyday at practice making sure they know what they’re doing.”

“Pretty serious,” Matias said.  “We’ve just got to teach the young guys because after we leave they’ve got to step up and take the torch and that’s something I want to see from the future.”

Which will hopefully lead to a lot more big holes to run through and time to throw in 2014 and the future. 

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