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Line-Up Set For Spring Game Pre-Game Concert On Langford Green

April 7, 2008

The annual Garnet & Gold spring game is fast approaching and there is more than just football to be excited about. On top of a free fireworks display and all sorts of pre-game activities, there will be three bands performing live on Langford Green. The live music kicks off at 2:30 p.m. with Tallahassee’s own Groove Merchants. They will be followed at 4:00 p.m. by Counter Point of Thomasville, GA and the music wraps-up with Tallahassee Dirty Skirty at 5:30 p.m.


When the band first formed in the mid ’90s, it tried to make it big as an original band. When that plan didn’t work out as well as the members had hoped, they went on to get “real” jobs but kept the band going on the side. The Groove Merchants play between 50 and 70 shows per year, but local shows are few and far between. The band spends two to three weeks every month on the road.  Focusing on their out-of-town fan base instead of the local one comes with good reason, according to Tony O’Donnell, The Groove Merchant’s lead guitarist and vocalist; every once in a while, The Groove Merchants will perform at Paradise Grill & Bar on North Meridian Road. And, when these rare shows occur, the local fan base goes wild.  “Crowd participation is essential to the band’s success,” said O’Donnell.  Often, the band plays an entire set off nothing but requests.



From the electrifying on-stage performance, to the original songs they sing about first loves and riding dirt roads, Counter Point brings you a show that you will never forget!! Counter Point will keep you on the dance floor wishing they could play all night, as you listen to their unique combinations of New Rock, Country, and Southern Rock! Many of the band’s “original” songs are inspired by the good times and great memories they made while growing up in a small, South Georgia town. The band was established in 2004 by a group of guys who liked to play music and dream of making it big in the music industry. In 2006, Counter Point released their first CD, The Story, which opened up many doors for the band. One of the greatest opportunities came in 2007, when they were asked to open for Trent Tomlinson, who was named Rolling Stones Magazine’s 2007 Top Country Artist. With the help from their great fan base, they have seen success through the release of “original” songs on local radio stations, and by the attention in the media!! Counter Point is thankful for the opportunities they’ve had, and look forward to many more great memories and good times! They give all the glory to God and their fans for their success, and for making it possible to pursue their dreams!!




This rock band is doing what is rare in the proverbial soup that is the southeast music scene… they’re playing rock music for themselves. But there is a chance that you might actually like it too. If you want guitar solos they have plenty. With two lead players Jeff Allen and Scott Beasley DIRTY SKIRTY has the possibility to efficiently rock your face off. But these aren’t pedal board solos with a little tapping of the wah that last 5.5 seconds. They’re tasteful 70’s `face melters’ that even Joe Perry would raise his glass to. The band also features perhaps the strongest backbone on the panhandle. This is a rock band that thrives on fist pumping and head-banging. What else could you want?

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