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Lucky Seven

June 7, 2012

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – The 2012 Major League Baseball First Year Player Draft has come and gone, but not before a good showing by the Florida State Seminoles. A total of seven Florida State players were chosen in this year’s draft including James Ramsey, who was the 23rd overall pick by the St. Louis Cardinals.

Joining Ramsey as the Seminole draftees in 2012 were Jayce Boyd (6th rd, 200th pick – New York Mets), Robert Benincasa (7th rd, 234th pick – Washington Nationals), Devon Travis (13th rd, 424th pick – Detroit Tigers), Sherman Johnson (14th rd, 447th pick – LA Angels), Hunter Scantling (14th rd, 454th pick – Detroit Tigers) and Justin Gonzalez (27th rd, 836th pick – LA Dodgers).

Ramsey became the 19th Seminole to be drafted in the first round and third FSU player taken in the first round since 2008 joining the likes of Buster Posey (San Francisco, 2008) and Sean Gilmartin (Atlanta, 2011).

The seven Seminoles selected in this year’s draft were the most drafted since 2008.

Quotes from 2012 Florida State draft class:
James Ramsey – St. Louis Cardinals (1st round, 23rd pick)
“The main reason I came to Florida State was to become a big leaguer,” said Ramsey on being selected in the first round by the St. Louis Cardinals on Monday night. “You’re talking about the World Series Champion St. Louis Cardinals. It’s a team with so much rich tradition especially at winning and I appreciate what they said on the telecast about me being a winner. That is the one word I use to describe myself to any scout. I am not going to be the sexiest prospect that comes along. I am not going to be the 6’5″, 220 pound guy, but I am a winner and that’s the kind of guy I hope they want in their organization.”

“It’s unbelievable,” said Ramsey on the future possibility of sharing the field with former Seminoles like Shane Robinson, John Gast (Triple A Memphis) and Barret Browning (Triple A Memphis) who are currently playing in the Cardinals organization. “Just to be able to chase your dream but having those guys along the way that have gone through the farm system that will be able to offer priceless advice about how to continue to grind to achieve your goal of being a big leaguer is very exciting.”

“What a difference a year makes,” said Ramsey. “This whole year has been about Proverbs 19: 21 – a man can plan his course but the Lord determines his steps. I have really tried to trust upon that. For me, it wasn’t necessarily result oriented, it wasn’t about becoming a first rounder, it was to do the most with the platform that I have. The hard work I’ve put in, all the faith that I have kept in myself, the faith my teammates have kept in me; I wouldn’t be in this position without God, I wouldn’t be in this position without my teammates, my coaches and my family. I did exactly what I came back to do but there is one more thing that is on my list and if any one things that this is icing on the cake, I am not finished yet at Florida State.”

Jayce Boyd – New York Mets (6th round, 200th pick)
“I am really, really excited,” said Boyd on being selected by the New York Mets. “I got to sit up in the stands (in Howser Stadium) with my family and listen to it (draft online). For them to be there with me at that point in my life and career is very special to me and it was awesome that we got to experience that together.”

Robert Benincasa – Washington Nationals (7th round, 234th pick)
“It was extremely exciting,” said Benincasa on hearing his name being called by the Washington Nationals. “It definitely is one of the most exciting moments of my life. It is something that I have looked forward to my whole baseball career especially the last few years at Florida State. This year has been extra special especially with the success I have had, having the draft in mind and it being my draft year. Things could not have worked out any better. I am extremely thankful and extremely blessed.”

Devon Travis – Detroit Tigers (13th round, 424th pick)
“It was probably one of the most exciting things I ever heard,” said Travis on hearing the Tigers pick him in the 13th round. “It is such an honor to get drafted and to hear your name being called – there’s nothing better. I am kind of speechless right now. This moment is a little bit surreal. It is an honor to get drafted by the Tigers.”

Sherman Johnson – LA Angels (14th round, 447th pick)
“It’s awesome,” said Johnson on being selected by the Angels. “It was my last chance to be drafted and it was the first time I have been drafted. It’s definitely an awesome feeling. It was great to have all my friends and family calling and texting me and saying congratulations. It’s definitely an experience I will remember forever. The Angels are a first class organization and a lot of their guys in the big leagues are home grown. I know they just got (Albert) Pujols so that’s not too bad and they have always been a great team. It’s going to be exciting and I’m looking forward to it.”

Hunter Scantling – Detroit Tigers (14th round, 454th pick)
“I was thinking it would be the Tigers since I had talked to their scout a lot the last couple of weeks,” said Scantling. “Dan (Bennett) texted me and said that he is ready for me to catch up with him. The chance to play with Dan again and possibly Devon makes this moment that much better because they are both great friends. I am just glad that I got an opportunity to further my skills and try and make it to the big leagues.”

Justin Gonzalez – LA Dodgers (27th round, 836th pick)
“(When I heard my name called) I was at lunch,” said Gonzalez. “I started getting text messages and finally got the phone call telling me that they picked up me. I was excited; it’s always been a dream of mine (to get drafted).”


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