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Lucky Socks aren’t the only thing propelling this 6’10” giant

Sept. 28, 2005

It’s that time to put on the socks, the `lucky socks’ that is.  Every meet Luke Beevor competes in, he makes sure he slips on the socks that bring him luck to each and every race.  Not only that, but the 6’10” runner makes sure he’s the last person to the line so they have to wait for him in order to start the race.  He also says a prayer right before he takes off.


Luke Beevor, a runner from Luton, England, has been recovering from two leg injuries, one in the fall and one in the spring.  The injuries had an impact on the cross-country runner who started running back in June and will finally compete again at the Notre Dame Invitational, Friday September 30th. 


“I just want to take every week as it comes; try and get in shape and hold together and make sure I don’t have problems with my legs again,” said Beevor.  “I think it’s helped me grow up.  Before I thought I could do anything, and now I’ve realized you’ve got to have some limitations.”


“As much as I want to be the best guy in the world, I realize that I’ve got to do things the right way; just slow down–don’t try to race every single day and practice forever.  I’ve become, I think, a lot more aware of my body, as well.  Generally, I think I’m more prepared now and ready to go.”


Beevor, who anticipates finishing his college career as an All-American in both Cross Country and Track and also returning home to represent his country, got a late start in running at the age of 17 from the influence of his father, who was well-known for his talent in the sport in England. 


“I started running and had immediate success, so then it just carried on,” Beevor said.


Leaving England wasn’t the biggest transition Luke had to adjust to.  There was a big difference for Beevor leaving his family behind and he also had to adjust to a new good, stable diet.  Additionally, he had to become accustomed to doing alternative miles as part of his new training regimen.  But the added mile didn’t cause any problems.


“As long as you’re working hard, things will turn out well,” said Beevor.


Beevor is very ambitious about the current season with the Seminole team. 


“We’ll really do well this year; we’ve got a lot of good guys in,” said Beevor.  “We didn’t lose many guys last year so we’re hoping for at least a Top 10 place at Nationals, and maybe a Top 5, and also we’d like to win ACC’s.”


If he’s not running, you can find Luke Beevor socializing with friends or at the movies.  He also attends all of the football games.


“I didn’t use to when I first came in, but I really love American football now and watch my buddy Drew Weatherford play.”


By Stephanie Ecott

FSU Sports Information


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