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Luke Loucks: A Seminole With All Of The Ingredients For Success

April 28, 2009

“Hard work never fails. It’s always going to pay off in
the long run. Anytime you put the work in you will get

These wise words from freshman Luke Loucks are
the attitude of a player that can take anyone a long
way in life. However, hard work isn’t the only thing
that Loucks brings to the Seminoles basketball team.
If anything, leadership is another quality that Loucks
contributes as well.

“I think I am good leader,” said Loucks. “I think my
passing is kind of contagious. I know that when one
person starts sharing the ball everyone starts sharing
the ball.”

Loucks graduated from Clearwater High School in
2008 and averaged 13.5 points, 7.0 assists, 4.0 rebounds
and 3.0 steals while shooting 60 percent from the field
his senior year. His ability on a basketball team became
more evident when Florida Athletics Coaches Association
named Loucks the regional player of the year in

Being the star on a high school basketball team takes
hard work and leadership. Now that Locks is in college,
his attitude on his transition from high school to college
is refreshing.

“High school was fun but in the end in high school
you are looked on to be the star,” said Loucks. “When
you get to college you are just one of many stars.
Everyone in college was the star of their high school
team. I hope to bring leadership to the team and look
at everything as one unit and not just look at things

Loucks has high hopes on himself when it comes to
bringing his leadership to a team. His position as a
point guard has geared him up for the season with
great responsibility.

“Being a point guard, everyone kind of depends on
you and in sticky situations because you always have
the ball in your hands,” said the 6’5″ Loucks. “Everyone
looks up to you. When the team is down the point
guard talks in the huddle and you have to bring the
team back up.”

The position of a point guard is almost comparable to
a quarterback in football in Loucks mind. The pressure,
responsibility and leadership that it takes to play
the point guard position are similar to the positin with
the greatest responsibility on the football team.
“It’s like being a quarterback in football, everything
goes through you. You make the final decisions of
where the ball is going to run. There are pressure and
consequences for every choice you make.”

With his first collegiate season underway, Loucks feels
confident enough in himself and the team that they
will get far and surprise the Seminole faithful. With the
energy and team spirit this year success is inevitable on
the courts.

“I think this year we’re going be real surprise,” said the
Clearwater, Fla., native. “We are young and inexperienced
but really talented. I think if we keep working
hard we can be a surprise team in the nation.”

Talent and youth are not the only things that Loucks
insists upon the teams’ bright future. The fact that the
players are all great friends and work hard helps shape
the teams’ personnel, too. The friendships between the
teammates won’t hurt the team, it will only help boost
the moral and spirit as it does to him.

“I think the team really gets along well together,”
explained Loucks. “We are all friends. Everyone hangs
out outside of basketball; I like that. Everyone works
hard at practice which is a really good thing. No one
takes any days off. If you look back at any of the championship
teams all of them were friends. All of them
hung out. There are no real issues off the court. I think
it will definitely help.”

Loucks is driven by competition. His competitive spirit
is what drives his passion most towards the game of

“I am very competitive person. I hate to lose. I think
basketball is the ultimate sport when it comes to competition.
You can have all the talent in the world and
lose to someone who wants it more than you. I love the
competition of basketball.”

This driving force is an ingredient for the success in
Luke Loucks’ future.

By Stephanie Lowenstern
Sports Information Student Intern

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