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Maddie’s Minutes: Goin’ Hunting

March 7, 2014

Junior shortstop Maddie O’Brien continues her blog during the 2014 season here on She will share the insights, joys and challenges that the team experiences as they pursue their goal of advancing to the Women’s College World Series.

This past week we traveled to the state of Alabama with one plan in mind. Our mission was to go hunting. We literally all dressed in our finest camouflage, and bright orange and got on the bus to our first stop Auburn, Ala. I have to say we did get some pretty funny looks when we got off the bus in the middle of a quaint town for lunch. We all walked into a cute restaurant called The Loft and said, “Oh no, I think we might be underdressed.” When the waiter asked who we were, we told him we were the FSU Hunting Club…but we could not stop laughing so eventually we came clean that we were just some softBALLERS.

I think it’s safe to say that Coach Snider took home the best dressed award since he showed up covered head to toe in camouflage attire. Senior Kelly Hensley wore a camouflage ski mask and Coach Alameda even had a pink and camo fanny pack. Tigers were the first animal on our list to hunt…and hunting we did. The Auburn Tigers put up a fight, but in the end the Seminole softballing hunters got the job done and we won 5-4.

Next stop was Tuscaloosa, Ala. Although we were all foaming at the mouth to take on some elephants, we had to take care of Houston and Purdue first. We beat both Houston and Purdue on Friday and then stayed to “stalk our prey,” by watching Alabama play Purdue. We gathered some information and went back to the hotel to talk about our game plan.

The game plan consisted of playing Seminole softball and not giving into their rambunctious crowd. We woke up well rested and ready to go to work on Saturday. We moved past Purdue winning 4-1 and then played our hearts out and came so close to taking down Alabama too. Although we did not come away with a win against Bama on Saturday we gained a lot of information for when we would play them again on Sunday.

When Sunday morning came, we were hungry. We were bitter about the loss from the night before and we were fired up and ready for redemption. As a team we knew how important it was to apply what we had learned from Saturday and go out and dominate. What an exciting game! We had some great at bats and stellar pitching and defense. Junior Lacey Waldrop pitched outstanding once again and redshirt senior Jessica Nori continued to thrive in her opportunities to come in and close the game out. This year one of our mottos and possibly the most important one is “finish strong.” This motto reminds us that every opponent is dangerous and the game can change with one swing of the bat, but if we focus in those moments and finish strong we are very, very powerful.

This weekend we travel to Virginia to duel some Cavaliers and then we’re off to Florida Gulf Coast for a couple of days on March 10th to face Virginia Tech and FGCU.

One mission, one family, one pitch at a time…

As always, GO NOLES!

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