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Maddie’s Minutes: Ready For The Season

Feb. 5, 2014

Junior shortstop Maddie O’Brien will be blogging along with the 2014 season here on Seminoles.com. She will share the insights, joys and challenges that the team experiences as they pursue their goal of advancing to the Women’s College World Series.

READY FOR THE SEASON – February 5, 2014
With team practice in full swing and our season opener right around the corner, we are very excited. We’ll open up in New Mexico this year against Nebraska on Friday, February 7, 2014. With Nebraska making an appearance at the Women’s College World Series last year, it will be a great test for our team. Thursday will be a long but exciting travel day for us since we are leaving Tallahassee on a 6 a.m. flight. Once we arrive in New Mexico we will get a little practice in at New Mexico State University. As a team, we have been putting in a lot of work before, during, and after practice and are ready to get on the field and dominate. Although we are playing for each other, we are also playing for the ones who cannot and the ones who played before us. Before every practice we listen to the Seminole War Chant and envision where we want to go this season as well as what we want to happen. A big shout out to our little sister Taylor Foster who is battling osteosarcoma (bone cancer), Amber Howard, and Kassidy Merrit. We are dedicating every day for you girls, who inspire us to love every day and appreciate every moment we are given as well as every challenge.

Former Seminole Student-Athlete Ochuko Jenije, who is currently the Coordinator of Student Services at FSU, talked to us and has challenged us to embrace every second of our journey because one day it will be gone. Holly Rowe stopped by our practice yesterday and gave us some words of wisdom and the reassurance that we our very capable of making it to the World Series as well as winning it all. To all of the seniors, we promise to put in the work and leave it all out on the field for you because this is your year, this is our year.

With the season beginning on Friday, we know how hard we have worked and how much we have prepared for this moment. It seems like we have been waiting forever for the season to get here and now that it is finally here we have to trust the process. Trusting the process includes controlling ONLY what you can control. One thing we have incorporated this year is a “Show and Go” mentality. Throughout the season we sometimes face obstacles that Coach Alameda likes to call adversity. Simulating “Show and Go” days of practice forces us to stay positive and roll with whatever is thrown at us whether it be a flat tire or even just a rain delay. This season we have also set goals to achieve for each. This will help us learn from each game as well as prepare for the next. We are challenging ourselves to be better, not just individually better, but better as a whole. Watch out, the Seminoles are on the warpath.

Here at Florida State…if we gonna do it then, we do it big then.

Until next time…

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