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Making The Turn With Golfer Macarena Silva

May 4, 2009

Sophomore Macarena Silva is one of the most improved golfers in the Atlantic Coast Conference and will play in the NCAA East Regional Championship this weekend at the University of Florida. Silva is playing in her second career NCAA Tournament after helping the Seminoles to an eighth place finish at the East Regional Championship in 2007. Silva sat down with and talked about which clubs she carries in her bag to her favorite type of music.

When did you start playing golf and when did you believe you could play at
the highest level of college golf?

“I began playing golf when I was 12 – living next to a golf course helped my begin participating in the sport. When I was 15 my family and friends told me that I could play college golf. I took their encouragement to heart and continued to practice hard enough to get noticed by college coaches.”

“During your collegiate career, what is your favorite course you
have played? Why?”

“My favorite course that I have played during my college career is the Red Tail Golf Course that we have played at the UCF tournament. It is always in a great shape and even though it is in Florida it is not a flat golf course. I also like to play in University of Florida golf course which we will play this weekend.”

“What clubs are in your bag? Do the clubs in your bag differ with each
tournament or type of golf course?”

“I have a scot Cameron putter, PING wedges and irons, a PING hybrid, 5 wood Titleist, 3 wood Titliest, and my driver is also a Titleist, I always play with those 14 clubs.”

“How much time do you devote to practicing each week and are there any
specific things you are working on as the NCAA Championship approaches?”

“I was very focused on my studies last week because of final exams but now that the exams are over I am excited about just playing golf. During the whole season I have been practicing approximately 16 hours a week on the course and four hours working out in the weight room. Right now I’m not working in anything specific. I was working very hard in the short game area throughout the season and right now I’m trying to practice everything together so I can play my best golf game of the year at regionals.”

What do you practice more — your chipping, putting or long game?
“The main thing that I practice is putting, then long game and short game. I need to practice more short game because it is a very important part of any game.”

How important is strength training and conditioning in your
overall game during the playing season?

“It’s very important because being in a good shape helps my body and allows me to be able to play 18 holes without being very tired. It also helps mind focus. I have always believed that if the body is tired the mind gets distracted and you are not able to perform well on the golf course.”

After enjoying a strong round one day, how do you carry that
confidence over to your next round/rounds?

“Playing a good round makes me feel that I can play good — o if I did it once I can do it again and again.”

How do you balance going to class and studying for exams with
travelling and playing tournaments during the spring?

“We are very lucky at Florida State. We travel to play in great tournaments and our academic advisors help us out because we are on the road a lot. With tutors who help us a great deal and professors that understand our schedule we are able to be successful in the class room. I have been allowed to utilize office hours that my professors give generously and they explain to me the material that I may have missed in a lecture.”

“Do you like to listen to music before/after practice and
competitions to relax and in that case, what kind of music?”

“I do listen to music sometimes during practice and after I started to play in a tournament. The music helps me relax and focus on something my game. I listen to everything but mainly Spanish songs.”

What is your favorite type of music (genre)?
I enjoy listening to Latin and Spanish music.”

What is your favorite board game?
“My favorite board game is Pictionary.”

What is your favorite card game?
“My favorite card game is canasta.”

What is your favorite type of movie?
My favorite types of movies to watch are comedies.”

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