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Men’s Track & Field 2006 Annual Retreat

Jan. 16, 2007

The 2006 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Champions spent the evening of October 20, 2006 at Seminole Bowl to participate in their team building event.

Throughout the semester, each Florida State team participates in a team building event and the gentlemen of track & field and cross country teams chose to go bowling.

The facility closed to the public for a couple of hours allowing the student-athletes, coaches and support staff a well deserved evening of fun.

The guys started off the retreat by diving into some pizza and refreshments before breaking up into teams. Some of the student-athletes tried to show off their bowling skills in conjunction with their running skills by taking turns playing in more than one game at a time and sprinting from one lane to another.

Many of the track stars attempted bowling in creative ways while others showed why they made the track team and not the bowling team.

Throughout the night, the teammates talked about their season and everything they accomplished in 2006. The seniors shared experiences with the freshmen to help jump-start their excitement for the season to come.

The student-athletes, coaches, and support staff spent the night away from the track and the usual business of being a national champion track and field team to just enjoy the company of each other and let loose on the lanes.


Thanks to Lisa Grossman for providing pictures and the retreat recap!

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