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Miami Week Gets Underway With A 22 Period Practice Tuesday

Sept. 30, 2008

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.  – Florida State versus Miami is a legendary series and while it may not captivate the nation’s attention as it once did, it is just as big on the respective campuses as it ever was. You could hear that in the voice of Miami’s Corey Surrency in his post practice interviews Tuesday and you sure couldn’t tell it wasn’t a No. 1 versus No. 2 battle listening to head coach Bobby Bowden as well. With the win versus Colorado now squarely behind them, Tuesday the Hurricanes were on everyone’s mind.  



·          Jermaine Thomas and Antone Smith turned in impressive runs during inside drills and the defensive highlight was a big hit by Everette Brown.

·          In 1-on-1 E.J. Manuel connected with Greg Carr, Cameron Wade, Avis Commack, Rod Owens and Louis Givens. Defensively Korey Mangum, Ochuko Jenije and A.J. Alexander all broke up passes.

·          When 1-on-1 moved into red zone, Bert Reed and Commack hauled in TD passes while Jenije and Commack broke up passes.

·          In 7-on-7 Christian Ponder completed a couple passes each to Carr and Caz Piurowski and also connected with Taiwan Easterling. For the defense Kendall Smith and Derek Nicholson broke up passes and Roosevelt Lawson had a strip.

·          While 7-on-7 was going on, the lines worked against one another on the upper field. Brown dominated with three sacks while Budd Thacker, Kevin McNeil, Moses McCray and Justin Mincey all got to the QB as well. Ryan McMahon had a good drill winning four battles, Rodney Hudson won two and Jacob Stanley, Brandon Davis and David Spurlock all got a win as well.

·          In the final drill (11-on-11) Ponder hit Carr on a deep ball. Defensively Myron Rolle had a tackle for loss. Markus White had a QB pressure as did Paul Griffin. Neefy Moffett had a QB pressure and he batted down a pass at the line.



Head Coach Bobby Bowden

Opening statement:

“I thought we had a pretty good practice today. The boys worked pretty hard and it seemed like the defense got the best of the inside running drills.  It seemed like the offense got the best of the passing drills. I don’t know what that means but the passing looked pretty sharp; hope they keep it up.”


On whether he needs more production out of the “playmakers”:

“Yes, you’d love to have better production out of everybody.  I think it will happen.  What’s going to happen, the way we spread the field, it’s going to happen to this guy one day and it’s going to happen to this guy the next day.  It’s not likely one guy can dominate like that. We’d like for all of them to step up.”


On the game against Miami:

“It will be a very interesting ball game because both teams remind me of being in about the same place. Both teams are trying to climb back to the top. I think it will happen, it’s an interesting race. This game will tell a lot between our two schools.”


On contending for a conference title:

“I think in our case, two [conference] losses could be the end of it. Wake Forest has a win over us and if they only lost two then they beat us in head-to-head combat and our odds would really drop.”


On both FSU and Miami using first-year quarterbacks this year:

“In this ball game down through the years very few times freshmen have started or quarterbacks have got their first start. But I remember down through the years it has happened and you’d rather have an upper classman. The both of us will get there. Their quarterback really impresses me, he’s very talented. I was very impressed with him last week, he’s a good runner as well as a good passer; an excellent passer, very accurate.”


WR Greg Carr

On whether he’s noticed a lack of “big plays”:

“Not really, we’re just trying to come out here and doing the things coach asks us to do. We feel like big plays aren’t always going to come from us. We feel like big plays is just part of the offense regardless of who made them so we just have to come out and do everything we’re asked to do and play like we’re capable of playing. Everything else will take care of itself.”


WR Corey Surrency

On what the Miami game means to play at home:

“It means a lot to me because I’m going back to play in my home town. It’s like my first time playing in my hometown for a collegiate football game. It means a lot and I can’t wait but I’m not trying to overwhelm me like that. I’m not trying to think too much about it.”


On how practice this week has been preparing him for Miami

“It’s been okay. I’ve been playing pretty hard, but I do that every week but I’m going a little harder this week because I’m going back to Miami. I want to produce. To be honest, I want 100 yards this game. I want to have this as my break out game in front of my friends, family, everybody.”


DE Everette Brown:

On how the defense has been during the week

“So far it’s been good. A lot of intensity from the guys, a lot of energy and emotions. Not only is it the Miami – Florida State rival but guys knowing each other on both teams and for bragging rights. There’s been a lot of emotions out here. We got out there a pretty good two days and we still have two days left to prepare.”


On Miami’s offense:

“Their offense is good. They’ve got a good offensive line and some playmakers there, young playmakers. They rotate quarterbacks so we know we have a lot to prepare for. The main thing is that it’s going to be a game of speed. Both sides of the ball are going to have speed. We haven’t seen that yet from our opponent. We’ve always been the fastest team so it will be a great chance to go out there to compete with a great speed from both teams.”


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