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Michael Joiner To Host First of Weekly Men’s Hoops Chats
 Michael Joiner will host the first of a new series of weekly men’s basketball chats starting Thursday, December 11, 2003.

Ask The Seminoles


Here’s your chance to find out many of the things you always wanted to know about the Florida State men’s basketball players. Throughout the season, you will have a week to ask each player a question and have it answered on Take a look at the schedule and get to know each player as you ask them questions only they will know the answers to. Submit your question and have it answered before the week is out as fans “Ask The Seminoles” what they want to know.

Week # Date Chat Host
Week 3 Dec. 11 Michael Joiner

Submit Your Questions Below and Go ‘Noles!

Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: Hello Seminole fans — We practiced this morning and my finals exams are over — So I’m ready to answer your questions.

813: What is your best and worst memory of your time here as a seminole…be honest!;)
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: My best memory is scoring my season high point total of 22 against Cleveland State and pulling down 17 rebounds against Wake Forest during my freshman season. My toughest memory was working hard to follow up my strong preformnace and ACC All-Rookie Team selection during my sophomore season.

Dee Ft. Myers: How are the new guys picking up the motion offense that FSU runs?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: The offense is coming to the new guys slowly but surely. Only beacuse of the timeing and the exacution that is involved in every play. I am surprised they are picking it up faster than we did as a team last season. But, then again, they have a good group of seniors as teachers.

Bill From Tampa: Leonard has mentioned once or twice that the seniors on this team have been given more responsibilites. As it pertains to you, what additional repsonsibilities has the staff given to you as the season begins? Good luck on the year.
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: The staff wants me to be more assertive on both ends of the court. They want me to be more vocal on the court and to show more passion whenever I step onto the court.

lexington,ky: How do you think the team will do in the A.C.C.this year?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I’d like to stay away from making any predictions. I think we will do as well allow ourselves to do through hard work, being focused and staying close as a team. We can’t listen to what the media or the announucers on ESPN say we have to listen to our coaches and our teammates.

Tallahassee, FL: After you graduate what are your future plans?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I would like to continue playing basketball, first of all. If not basketball, I would like to attend graduate school for higher education. I am on track and will earn my degree in political science in May. I have worked hard and have finished my degree requirements ahead of schedule. I am going to continue to take classes during the spring semester and am looking forward to a strong senior season on the court. I really want to walk through graduation ceremonies and I will do that in May.

Lakeland: Michael,
I have always wondered if there was a certain exercise that really improves jumping ability and vertical leap. If you could maybe give me a workout that focuses on that, that would be great. Good luck this season!
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I worked with the Air-Alert system that you can buy and I felt that really helped me. We work squats and calf raises with our strength and conditioning coach, Mike Bradley, and they are really helpful.

Myisha: Fayetteville, Nc: Just stopped by to say that i am your #1 Fan..and also what do you plan on doing after you graduate from college?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: Thanks, Myisha. Thanks to you and all of the people in Fayetteville for always supporting me. I plan on continuing my basketball career. If, not I am going to continue to attend school.

Lulu (Jacksonville): Do you have any aspirations to give back to the community by one day becoming a coach?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: Yes, I do. I would like to give back by coaching someday and even putting on clinics or maybe starting a basketball academy.

Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: Hey Fayetteville — my vision for this team is that we have a special and unique opportunity that is in our hands and we can obtain our goals if we stay focused and listen to our coaches.

mark, seminole FL: How tall were you in 7th grade and a what age could you dunk.
By the way GO NOLES!!
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I was about 6-3 playing center and power forward. I first dunked in the summer between sixth and seventh grade.

TALLAHASSEE: Hey Michael, what is the toughest thing you have to do to get into the best physical condition to play the season?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: The toughest thing you have to do is beat yourself up during the offseason both mentally and physicially to prepare for the upcoming strenuous season.

Shaw AFB, SC: Mike J., I have been a fan for the past 8 years and I am wondering how you feel you have matured not only as a player, but as a man especially since you have committed your life to the Lord.
P.S. Can I get a dunk in the next game? tori
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I think my maturity has come from my humbling experiences since I have been at Florida State both on and off the court. The transition of coaching changes, player changes and finding out who I am in the midst of all of that. I am pleased with how things have turned out and I plan on having a strong senior season. P.S. — I’ll get you a dunk for you Tori.

Kris: Michael, what do you do to get rid of pre-game jitters so you can relax and not worrie so much?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I have to have pre game jitters just to know that I am up for a game. I listen to music before a game and do my same routine just to stay mentally focused. I like to listen to gospel and rap before games.

Kurtis (Vandenberg AFB): What are your expectations for the team and yourself for your last year as a Seminole? I’m in Pac-10 Country and I’m constantly defending the ACC out hear. Yes, I have nothing better to do than submit you a question. Later
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: What’s up Kurtis — I expect for us to go out every night and play hard and play tough and to come out with a win. For me, I just expect to play my role as a team leader, a contributor on the boards and the offensive end and to play hard nosed defense.

george, Atl: yo MJ, ur a beast… but anyway, uve played for two coaches at fsu. what do u see that coach hamilton has done to bring b-ball back to seminole country?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I see Coach Hamilton has brought a winning attitude back to Seminole basketball. He expects to win and expects us to go out every night and give it our all. His level of expectation is higher but not so high that we can’t achieve it.

John O. Hess: Which ACC team FSU plays do you get the most fired up to beat??
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I get fired up for all of them beacuse I see them all as standing in the way of what I am trying to accomplish — winning an ACC Championship.

CHECKMATE: I know you are a great basketball player and it is my understanding that you play chess. Are you as good at chess as you are basketball?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I put more time into basketball then into chess. I am still learning the game after being tought to play it at the age of 13.

Colorado: im going to the fsu ball camp this summer and i was wonderin how good gots to be and if the players will be there also
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I am happy that you are going to attend our camp. I think you will have a lot of fun. The players will be around working out and playing. You have to be the type of player who knows the game, how to play the game and can think the game in order to earn a scholarship. You don’t have to be a McDonald’s All-American to play at this level. You have to play hard and have a love for the game of basketball.

Nick (Tallahassee): Coach Hamilton seems like he is the real deal! How has he changed the basketball philosophy here at FSU?
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: He is the real deal. He is experienced at winning and he has changed the attitudes of the defeat to an attitude of winning. He has instilled in us a passion to compete and win every time we step on the court. He has also brought a system of togetherness among our players and our staff.

lee fo-town: how do you think fsu will fair in the acc.
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: I think we will be able to compete with anybody but we know we have to be tougher than our opponents in order to win the task at hand. We want to stay away from predicitions as we enter the ACC season against Maryland Dec. 28.
Senior Forward – Michael Joiner: Thanks for emailing me questions and for following the Seminoles. Watch for us against Miami Sunday. Thanks for your support. Michael J.