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Michael Ray Garvin On The Fast Track For Success

Oct. 1, 2008

Michael Ray Garvin Was selected as the ACC Co-Specialist of the Week for his performance in the Seminoles’ victory over Colorado

Q: Why did you decide to come to Florida State?
A: I felt it was the best choice and I know a lot of
FSU players who were here before me in the past
and because I am a fast player I decided to come
to a fast school to keep the tradition going of fast
players playing football and winning games here at
Florida State.

Q: As a successful member of the track and football
teams, how do you balance both sports?

A: I feel like I balance between both even though it
can be tough with school. During the fall I am busy
with school and football, and then after that I get
about two weeks off and then I am busy with track,
and then after track season I get a week off, and
then go back into football training to get ready for
another football season. This has been going on for
three years, and after a while it does get kind of
tiring but I am kind of used it, I go well with it.

Q: How do you spend your free time when
you are not playing sports?

A: I do a lot of bible study and go to church.

Q: How many years have you played and
trained in football and track.

A: I started playing football when I was seven
years old and I started running track when I was

Q: How has winning National Champions in
track helped you in football?

A: It helps because it helps me stay in shape all
year along, and I missed spring football for a bit
last year, but I don’t think it hurt me.

Q: You have had
so much success
with the track
team, how much
do you want to
see football have
that same type of

A: I want to see it
a lot, basically in
track we have been
blessed with three
National Championships
and I want to
carry that on into
football but everything
is in God’s will.
I try not to give into
all self-ambitions but if God allows us to have National
Champions then that’s what is.

Q: People say that Olympic gold medalist
Usain Bolt should play football because he is
a fast sprinter. Does pure speed translate to
playing football?

A: No, Usain Bolt cannot play football because he
is way too fast for the football field and personally
I don’t think he would be able to control his speed
on the field. Running track and playing football
are different. Track is just an all out sprint and your
just running straight ahead and in football it is
stopping and going and you run faster at certain
times to adjust the ball.

Q: When training for football or track, do you
feel each sport correlates with one another
and helps you with your game?

A: It definitely does. With track, it helps keep my
speed up for football, because in football I have to
use my speed a lot especially because I catch the
receivers and track helps keep my endurance up.
Football is a lot of endurance, running around a
lot, especially in the
fourth quarter, so the
track endurance carries
over into football

Q: What makes someone a good kickoff
return man?

A: Knowing where your blocks are and having
speed. Kickoff returns are like a suicide job, everyone
on the kickoff team is coming down full speed
trying to make a tackle, and you’re running as fast
as you can to try to score a touchdown, so basically
you have to know your awareness, have good
instincts, and great speed.

Q: How did it feel to set the school record
for kicks returned (35) and kick return yards
(697) in one single season?

A: I felt that it was a blessing and I just thank God.

Q: How did it feel to preserve the Seminole’s
13-10 win over the Hurricanes when you intercepted
Miami quarterback Kyle Wright’s
pass at the 33-yard line with 29 seconds left
of the game, back in 2006?

A: I always think the interception was a blessing.
I think that was a blessing because there were
twenty-nine seconds left and I am number twentynine,
I got the game winning pick, and I think God
was just moving within me within the entire experience.
It was definitely a blessing from God.

Q: What would you say is your biggest career
highlight in track and football?

A: Competing at the Olympic trials was my biggest
career high in track. In football, it was the ACC
Championship my freshman year when we beat
Virginia Tech that was one of my best games.

Q: What’s your greater passion, track and
field or football?

A: Football is my greater passion, but I love track
and field too.

Q: Do you get a greater thrill from returning
kicks for 90 + yards, or winning a 400m relay?

A: The thrill is even because I love playing
both sports.

Q&A by Stephanie Loewenstern
Sports Information Student Assistant

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