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Mirzadeh: Behind The Racket

Oct. 12, 2010

Vahid Mirzadeh “Centre Court”

By: Jazzmene Ford, FSU Sports Information

Up close and personal with Mirzadeh about the pressures of being a student-athlete.

Q. Do you find it challenging to juggle life as a regular student and life as an athlete?
A: There’s a few challenges obviously dealing with practice and school. You play a lot of hours on the tennis court and off the court with fitness training. You get fatigued and more tired than a normal student but that’s just how it is. It’s a privilege being a student athlete.

Q. Since you are a senior, how have you maintained balance the last 3 years?
A: You just have to do well with your time management. I set certain times where I study and put away other activities.

Q. You’ve participated in various tennis tournaments around the country, what has been your most gratifying experience out of them all?
A: The time when we went to Pepperdine University a few years back was a good moment for me because I ended up clinching the match, so it was a good team experience.

Q. Describe the pressure to perform?
A: You get used to the pressure. It’s always tough to deal with the crowd. There’s a lot of jitters out there. Especially when you play on the road it’s tough to get used to their environment but you get used to it.

Q. How do you stay levelheaded on gameday?
A: You just try to remain calm by doing whatever rituals you have. I tell myself to calm down it’s just another match and I control my breathing.

6. What advice do you have for freshman student athletes?
A: I just say it’s a great experience, the start of your college career. Take it one step at a time, don’t be overwhelmed and you will get used to it.

Q. What are your plans after graduation?
A: After graduation there’s a chance that I’m going to try to play professionally. But I’m going to try to pursue something in my degree which is Hospitality Management.

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