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Monte Cummings Chat Wrap

Jan. 23, 2002

Monte Cummings: (12:44 PM ET ) I am here and ready for your questions. Let’s get started.

Tallahassee: WHat do you feel the team as whole has to do in order to make it into some type of tournment beyond the ACC tournment?

Monte Cummings: (12:45 PM ET ) First of all we have to win at home and steal some games on the road. Every night it is a fight in this conference. If we can do that, hopefully it will put us in the hotseat to get into a postseason tournament.

Jon Falco Tallahassee, FL: Others as well as I are very proud of you, and the success you are bring to the noles this year. I try to make every home game, and do you feel its the fans that help you guys win at home, and that’s why you guys play so bad on the road or what?

Monte Cummings: (12:47 PM ET ) The crowd has without a doubt helped us at home. You look at the successful programs in the country and they have crowds pushing them night in and night out. They get a lot of energy from their crowd and I give a lot of credit for our success to our crowd.

On the road, you have to deal with their crowd and we are a young team. We have to stick to our game plan and not get caught up in what the other team is trying to do. If we can do that, we can stick around and try to win it at the end. So we have to put forth a little more energy on the road.

Tony (Atlanta): Describe the feeling of beating Duke and how hard that energy is to carry over to the next game?

Monte Cummings: (12:49 PM ET ) We still have people talking about that game. The energy we put forth in that game was tremendous and we were exhausted the next day. They are a great team and they wear you down. Plus, we had to play the next night. I am just now getting over that game.

James martone: How has the recriuting looked since you have been there and what are your feelings about the future of FSU basketball….

Monte Cummings: (12:50 PM ET ) The future looks really good. We are young this year, so things are looking very good. I have tried to help out with recruiting because I have a soft spot for transfers. Our coaching staff has made great strides in getting quality guys so we are headed in the right direction.

Charlotte, NC: How’s your shoulder?

Monte Cummings: (12:51 PM ET ) I am still rehabbing it right now. I was wearing a brace and the coaches thought I shot better with it. But my shoulder is about 95%. I hurt it lifting weights and got it caught up doing shoulder exericises and knocked it out of the socket. I am OK now but it hurt.

Kelly: How has the win againest Duke propelled your season so far?

Monte Cummings: (12:52 PM ET ) It has given us unbelieveable confidence. When you beat a team like that we have a little more swagger. We haven’t gotten the wins on the road, but that win has given us hope and given us the push we need to accomplish something at the end of the season.


Monte Cummings: (12:53 PM ET ) Definitely. The military shows you how to put your priorities in order and has helped me manage my time. After being in the army this is all a piece of cake.

Nick (Tallahassee): How has your Senior season been at FSU, and has coach Robinson turned the team around to compete with ACC?

Monte Cummings: (12:54 PM ET ) Coach has always been our emotional leader and pushes us to never beat satisfied. After the Duke game he was important in helping us put it behind us and showed us that we have to compete every night.

Nole (Tallahassee): What is opinion of Nigel Dixon’s play? It seems he draws alot of tick tack fouls when he is in the game.

Monte Cummings: (12:56 PM ET ) He is a big guy and probably the biggest guy in the ACC. So everything he does is magnified. He is playing very well and has lost a lot of weight so he is more mobile. He has a long way to go, but he is making great strides. He is rebounding better and is more effective around the basket. He is doing great but I want to see him improve even more.

John Gainesville: You have seen Duke’s Jason Williams in person, is he as good as people tihnk he is, or is it just hype?

Monte Cummings: (12:57 PM ET ) He is as good as people say, and maybe even better. For his size and height, his drive to be the best is unbelieveable. He nevers seems flustered and plays great defense. He leads by example. There is not a lot of weaknesses in his game. I think he is the best player in the country.

Mindy G: Hey Monte!! I just wanted to congratulate you and the team on two great wins over Duke and UNC. I plan on coming to see you play in Tally in Feb. For my question: What do you guys do in order to keep up the enthusiasm and intensity you have a home when you are on the road? Keep up the GREAT work, and I will see you soon!

Monte Cummings: (12:59 PM ET ) We have to pick each other up. Our bench has get us up. We have to rely on each other and try and come out and play as hard as we can. We just need more overall effort. We have to stay focused, practice hard and give a lot of energy so we have a chance to win at the end of the game.

Michael from Brooklyn NY: Hey Monte. Great overall play so far.Right now I would have to say you are in the top 5 % of the best ACC players.How do you think your team will do through the rest of the season and do you think you have a shot to go .500 in conference play? Good luck the rest of the season

Monte Cummings: (1:01 PM ET ) I think we have a great chance at .500 in conference play. Looking at our team and the effort in practice and the weight room, I think we have a great chance.

Thanks for the compliments but individual awards are not for me, but I enjoy them. I am all about getting team wins. That is why I am here. I take individual accolades as a challenge to get even better and try and come out and play hard every night.

Bill From Tampa: About the game winning shot vs Duke, was that a fake to the lane and then you beat Boozer to the baseline?

Monte Cummings: (1:03 PM ET ) It happened so fast. When I caught the ball Jason was so closed to me so I knew I had to go strong because I knew the refs wouldn’t call anything close at that time of the game. Duke plays tough defense but I was able to take it strong and put it off the glass. That play was executed to the T, and everything worked out. I was suprised Dunleavy didn’t block my shot.

Monte Cummings: (1:05 PM ET ) That is all the time I have for now. I appreciate all the questions and enjoyed answering them. I’ll try and do this again soon.

Take care.

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