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Most Recent Installment of the FSU Women’s Basketball Mailbag

Feb. 14, 2008

1. Joseph from Panama City, FL wants to know: What is your pre-game ritual?
Angel Gray: Say a prayer with my mom
Alysha Harvin: Pray
Christian Hunnicutt: I always have to make the last shot at warm-up. I also say a prayer during the National Anthem.
Mara Freshour: Nothing
Antionette Howard: I don’t leave the court until I make a shot at warm-up.
Tanae Davis-Cain: I have to relax before every game
Shante Williams: I talk to my son George, listen to T.I., and take a nap.
Cayla Moore: I say a prayer during the National Anthem and talk to my mom.
Courtney Ward: Nothing
Jacinta Monroe: I sleep and pray.

2. Zack from Clearwater, FL wants to know: What would be the perfect Valentine’s Day?
Angel Gray: Having a man!
Alysha Harvin: I don’t believe in this day
Christian Hunnicutt: A massage, shopping day, manicure, pedicure, and a man waiting for me at home.
Mara Freshour: Having someone to spend it with
Antionette Howard: Someone leaving me a surprise gift
Tanae Davis-Cain: A day off from basketball
Shante Williams: Getting home from a long day at work and having Usher serenade me with one of his slow songs.
Cayla Moore: Going to the beach and having a picnic while watching the sunset. Courtney Ward: If my boyfriend was here
Jacinta Monroe: If I had no school, one million dollars, and all the Osaka I could eat.

3. Brian from Miami, FL wants to know: What is your favorite basketball shot?
Angel Gray
: Half court shot
Alysha Harvin: Half court shot
Christian Hunnicutt: Three point shot
Mara Freshour: Three point shot
Antionette Howard: Three point shot
Tanae Davis-Cain: Three point shot
Shante Williams: Any shot that goes in
Cayla Moore: Lay-up
Courtney Ward: Three point shot
Jacinta Monroe: Bank shot

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