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NCAA Releases Latest Grad Rate Study

NCAA Releases Latest Grad Rate Study

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March 25, 1998

OVERLAND PARK, KS — The NCAA’s Graduation-Rates Report for the 1990-91 class of Division I-A football programs has been released and the Atlantic Coast Conference posted the highest average graduation rate among student-athletes at 69.7 percent.

Duke led the ACC with a 93.0 percent graduation rate by its student-athletes, and eight of the nine ACC schools had an average of 63 percent or better.

Averaging the graduation rates of student-athletes at schools within the Division I-A football conferences provided the following rankings:

Conference Average Graduation Rate
1. ACC 69.7%
2. Big 10 68.5%
3. Pac 10 61.8%
4. C-USA 61.2%
5. Big East 60.4%
6. Big 12 53.8%
7. SEC 53.6%

Within the state of Florida, Florida State University’s graduation rate of 68 percent was 10 percent higher than any other Division I-A football program. Miami had a 58 percent graduation rate among its 1990-91 student-athletes, while Florida graduated just 57 percent.

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