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NCAA Singles Tournament Blog

May 25, 2010

Seminoles Jean-Yves Aubone and Vahid Mirzadeh are competing in the NCAA Singles Championships in Athens, Ga. Check their blogs as they get ready to compete tomorrow.

Senior Jean-Yves Aubone (Miami, Fla.):
Hello friends,

Today was a pretty smooth day. Got to sleep in a little bit and then just went to hit at noon. I played a practice set against from Jose from UNC. It was a battle. The guy was good. After practice we went to Jason’s deli where I made sure I didn’t finish my food so I could eat lots of the free ice cream they have. Dwayne wasn’t too happy but I reminded him how bad carbs are the key to success.

When I came back to the hotel I took a nice nap and then went over to watch some of the doubles of the men’s team final. After that we had a quiet evening at Chili’s and went back to the hotel. I read my book and then went to sleep.


Senior Vahid Mirzadeh (Wellington, Fla.):
Hello all! Vahid Mirzadeh here back in Athens, Ga., in as many weeks but this time for the NCAA Individual Tourney. We got in yesterday after another 5 hour car ride, but this time only with my coaches and one of my teammates Jean- Yves. It’s a little different not traveling with the whole team like I have been the whole season, but it’s still awesome to be on the road with at least one of my teammates and coaches for one last tourney this season to enjoy.

Last night we ate at Outback Steakhouse, which was great! Today we were lucky to have the opportunity to sleep in till 9am, so we got a lot of rest. We played sets this around noon with University of North Carolina players that are also in the tournament. After practice, I got stretched and iced, and then we headed for lunch to eat at Jason’s Deli. After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to be lazy bums in our hotel room as always.

Tomorrow I will play at 5pm and Jean Yves will play at 12pm, we are both playing against Ohio State players. Looks like we have a little dual match it seems with Ohio State! Well it’s time for me to go and grab some dinner and go to the tennis site to watch the Finals of the Men’s NCAA tournament.

Later everyone,

Vahid Mirzadeh

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