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Newest Installment Of The Florida State Women’s Basketball Mailbag

April 4, 2008

Dylan from Pensacola, FL wants to know: What are your plans for post season? Antionette Howard: get better all around (concentrate on my weaknesses)
Jacinta Monroe: get rest and improve
Alysha Harvin: get better mentally and physically in the little things.
Courtney Ward: footwork and behind the back moves
Angel Gray: rest my body and work on skills
Christian Hunnicutt: rest my body, conditioning and skill workouts
Tanae Davis-Cain: bust-through moves and getting extra shots
Cayla Moore: getting better after I recover from rehab
Mara Freshour: planning for summer school and internship at IMG sports academy

Brooke from Live Oak, FL wants to know: What do you feel you need to work on the most in post season workouts?
Antionette Howard:
defense, speed, ball handling, and shooting
Jacinta Monroe: ball handling and footwork
Alysha Harvin: footwork, passing, square-up
Courtney Ward: square-up
Angel Gray: knowledge of the game, ball handling, and shooting
Christian Hunnicutt: ball handling, jump shot, and free throws
Tanae Davis-Cain: footwork
Cayla Moore: have more confidence so I don’t second guess myself
Mara Freshour: pull-up jumper

Taylor from Tallahassee, FL wants to know: Where do you think the Final Four should be located the next time they have to choose a location?
Antionette Howard: Atlanta, GA
Jacinta Monroe: Miami, FL
Alysha Harvin: Miami, FL
Courtney Ward: Alabama
Angel Gray: Atlanta, GA
Christian Hunnicutt: Atlanta. GA
Tanae Davis-Cain: Philadelphia, PA
Cayla Moore: Atlanta, GA
Mara Freshour: Indianapolis, IN

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