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Newest Installment of the FSU Women’s Basketball Mailbag

Feb. 8, 2008

Anette in Miami, FL wants to know: Why do you feel it is important to dedicate a basketball game to breast cancer?
Angel Gray: I know the feelings of families that have lost loved ones to cancer and want to do my part to help stop this terrible disease.
Alysha Harvin: I think it’s terrible what is happening to many women around the world due to this cancer and want the community to be aware that they can help.
Cayla Moore: Breast cancer is the leading cancer among African American women. It is important for the community to get checked for early detection.
Christian Hunnicutt: It is important to give back to the community who has lost family because it seems very difficult to overcome. When I have the opportunity to give back to the community, I take it.
Mara Freshour: It is a major fight for many women in the U.S.
Courtney Ward: We need to do our part to help the people who are dealing and who will deal with it in the future.
Antionette Howard: The community needs to be aware of the seriousness of this disease.
Tanae Davis-Cain: We need to raise awareness.
Shante Williams: It can affect anyone. Donating money now can potentially save my life one day.
Jacinta Monroe: I have experienced it first hand and want to make a difference. My dad died from another form of cancer because there was no cure for it. My aunt survived breast cancer but tragically my other aunt passed away from it. Because of this, it is now possible for the traits to be passed on to me.

Amanda in Salt Lake City, Utah wants to know: Who is your role model?
Angel Gray:
Sister and mother
Alysha Harvin: Grandmother
Cayla Moore: Mother
Christian Hunnicutt: Mother and cousin
Mara Freshour: Mother
Courtney Ward: Mother
Antionette Howard: Mother
Tanae Davis Cain: High school coach
Shante Williams: Grandmother

Kyle in Tallahassee, FL wants to know: What is your basketball career highlight?
Angel Gray: Making it to the final four twice in high school
Alysha Harvin: Going to the state championships in ninth grade.
Cayla Moore: Going to the `Sweet Sixteen’ last year.
Christian Hunnicutt: Making it to the finals my senior year of high school
Mara Freshour: Going to the `Sweet Sixteen’ last year.
Courtney Ward: Being the number one player in the state in steals and assists in high school.
Antionette Howard: I hit the two winning free throws to win the state championship in my AAU team.
Tanae Davis-Cain: Making it to the `Sweet Sixteen’ last year
Shante Williams: Being named a Ronald McDonald All-American
Jacinta Monroe: Winning districts in ninth grade.

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