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Newgard and Tiegs Lead Noles to Fiesta Sweep

April 14, 2012

SIESTA KEY, Fla. – Led by junior Aurora Newgard’s dominant performance, the Florida State sand volleyball team swept both brackets and won the team competition at the Fiesta on Siesta Key on Saturday.

Newgard paired with sophomore Brittany Tiegs to capture first-place in the top-level “Fiesta” bracket, defeating teammates, senior Jekaterina Stepanova and freshman Jace Pardon, 28-16 in the final. Senior Mallory Kiley and graduate student Caitlin Haworth upset FSU’s No. 3 team of senior Visnja Djurdjevic and freshman Melanie Pavels to take third-place.

It’s the third pairs championship of the season for Newgard and Tiegs, who also won the FSU Sand Tournament and the USC Tournament in March.

“Everything clicked today,” Newgard said. “Brittany and I played real well. We kept the ball low. In pool play, we kept almost every team under 10 points. We had a lot of energy. It’s always kind of a bummer when you play your teammates in the final, but it also shows how well our team is playing – to have two teams in the finals. Hopefully we can take this momentum to Nationals in two weeks.”

FSU sand volleyball head coach Danlee Corso described Newgard as an “All-World” performer for the Seminoles during the competition, hammering her jump serve and putting on a dazzling display with her passing and defense. She was also impressed with FSU’s three tandems that played in the second division, “Siesta” bracket, which the Noles also took the first three places in.

Sophomore Jeassica McGregor and junior Fatma Yildirim didn’t drop a match en route to grabbing the title. Junior Marija Milosavljevic teamed with the College of Charleston’s Taeler Davis to finish second. Senior Amanda Saxton and junior Lacey Blackman took third.

The tournament featured 210 participants and 23 teams, one of the NCAA’s largest events of the year and the largest sand volleyball competition in the country this year.

The Seminoles return to action next Saturday at noon when they host UAB and FAU at the Seminole Sand Volleyball Complex. Haworth, Stepanova and Djurdjevic will be honored in a `Senior Day’ ceremony before the first match.

For updates and more information on the Florida State sand volleyball team, follow the Seminoles on Twitter at: @FSU_SVB.

FSU Results

Pool Play

Fiesta Division

Pool 1: Aurora Newgard/Brittany Tiegs (4-0)

def. JU’s Kylie Jacob/Jenna Orner 21-3

def. ULM’s Biana Ocana/Marcella Araya 21-10

def. Stetson’s Alisha Hoffman/Taylor Story 21-5

def. FIU’s Paola Ortiz Colon/Gloria Lecorin 21-8

Pool 2: Jekaterina Stepanova & Jace Pardon (4-0)

def. FAU’s Thaci Pererra & Cintia Knightengale 21-7

def. JU’s Nicole Teplitz & Niatha Cullen 21-13

def. Stetson’s Stephanie Marin & Kate DiGirolamo 21-14

def. USF’s Valerie El Houssine & Jessica Burghart 21-7

Pool 3: Visjna Djurdjevic/Melanie Pavels (4-0)

def. FGCU’s Jill Hopper/Whitney Masters 21-9

def. Webber’s Julianne Daughtery/Katie Lindstrom 23-21

def. UCF’s Angelica Crump/Roxy Mendez 21-8

def. USF’s JB Davis/Andrea Rodriguez Gomez 21-7

Pool 4: Caitlin Haworthe/Mallory Kiley (3-1)

def. Tulane’s Anna Wruck/Lilly Wolfe 22-20

lost to Webber’s Kristine Monforte/Tanner Garbutt 19-21

def. Stetson’s Kaylee Ream/Savannah Byl 21-14

def UM’s Ryan Shaffer/Alex Johnson 21-11

Pool 5: Sarah Wickstrom & Stephanie Pellitteri (3-1)

def. Stetson’s Kaley Melville/Julie Bassett 21-13

lost to JU’s Sammie Strausbaugh/Katherine Kane 23-25

def. UCF’s Kayla Keller/Ashley Gialenios 21-17

def. Webber’s Alida Schat/Michelle Einzinger 21-9

Siesta Division

*Pool 13: Jeassica McGregor/Fatma Yildirim (4-0)

def. Webber’s Raisa Thorne Romany/Jessica Bryant 21-15

def. UM’s Mariel Schofield/Savanah Leaf 21-17

def Stetson’s Taylor Johnson/Erika White 21-8

def. PHCC’s Lisa Kerns/Natscha Stafford 21-17

Pool 16: Lacey Blackman/Amanda Saxton (4-0)

def. FIU’s Renele Forde/Carolyn Fouts 21-8

def. SPC’s Erin Robertson/Audrey Boren 21-8

def. LSCC’s Stephanie Hebert/Brittany Muller 21-8

def. Ave Maria’s Mary Eckard/Julia Brkich 21-6

Pool 20: FSU’s Marija Milosavlievic & College of Charleston’s Taeler Davis (4-0)

def. St. Catherine’s Shauna Stone/Lauren Bowling 21-10

def. PHCC’s Michelle Wanek/Lauren Wixted 21-6

def. Ave Maria’s Christianne Ludwick/Cecilia Eckard 21-10

def. LSCC’s Shelby Spring/Casey Langfield 21-9

Bracket Play

Fiesta Gold Bracket

Play-in game: (#17 seed) Pelliterri/Wickstrom def. (#16 seed) Tulane’s Osuna/Dragovic 25-9

Play-in game: (#19 seed) Kiley/Haworthe def (#14 seed) UCF’s Murphy/Vilde 25-16

Round of 16: (#1 seed) Tiegs/Newgard def. (17) FSU’s Pelliterri/Wickstrom 25-17

Round of 16: (19) FSU Kiley/Haworthe def. (#3 seed) FSU’s Djurdjevic/Pavels 25-23

Round of 16: (#2 seed) FSU’s Stepanova/Pardon def. (# 15 seed) College of Charleston’s Zbojniewiez/Koehler 25-18

Quarter-final: (1) Tiegs/Newgard def. (#8 seed) FAU’s Tate/Pizzacherri 25-20

Quarter-final: (2) Stepanova/Pardon def (#10 seed) JU’s Courtney/Whitmire 25-22

Quarter-final: (19) Kiley/Haworthe def. (#6 seed)College of Charleston’s Theesehold/Chubb 26-24

Semi-final: (1) Tiegs/Newgard def. (#20 seed) Webber’s Daughtery/Lindstrom 25-17

Semi-final: (2) Stepanova/Pardon def. (19) Kiley/Haworthe 25-19

Finals: (1) Tiegs/Newgard def. (2) Stepanova/Pardon 28-16

1st Place – Tiegs/Newgard

2nd Place – Stepanova/Pardon

Tie for 3rd – Kiley/Haworth

Tie for 9th – Djurdjevic/Pavels & Pelliterri/Wickstrom

Siesta Gold Division

Round of 16: (#5 seed) Blackman/Saxton def. (#12 seed) LSCC’s Spring/Langfield 25-6

Round of 16: (#8 seed) Milosavlievic/Davis def. (#9 seed) SCF’s Geraldson/Smith 27-25

Round of 16: (#2 seed) McGregor/Yildirim def. (#18 seed) FGCU’s Strautniece/Dominguez 25-13

Quarter-final: (2) McGregor/Yildirim def. (#7 seed) SFCC’s Tax/Tribit 25-12

Quarter-final: (8) Milosavlievic/Davis def. (#1 seed) SCF’s McDonald/Fraley 25-23

Quarter-final: (#4 seed) Rollins’s Wilson/ Welsch def. (5) FSU Blackman/Sexton 25-19

Semi-final: (2) McGregor/Yildirim def. (#6 seed) LSCC’s Dierick/Generroth 25-14

Semi-final: (8) Milosavlievic/Davis def. (4) Rollins’s Wilson/Welsch 27-25

Finals: (2) McGregor/Yildirim def. (8) Milosavlievic/Davis 28-23

1st Place- FSU’s McGregor/Yildirim

2nd Place – FSU/C of C’s Milosavlievic/Davis

Tied for 5th – FSU’s Blackman/Saxton


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