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NFL Pro Day

March 13, 2012 is your home for NFL Pro Day 2012. Follow all of your favorite former Florida State Seminole football players as they compete in several NFL drills. We will have live updates on Twiiter (@FSU_Football) and Facebook ( as well as a video recap at the conclusion of the day.

Check back to as complete results will be posted once they become official.

All times unofficial

NameHeightWeightArm LengthHand SizePosition
Nigel Bradham6’3″240 lbs.331105LB
Andrew Datko6’6″321 lbs.32597OT
Mike Harris5’11”195 lbs.31287CB
Ty Jones5’10”210 lbs.28191RB
Ja’Baris Little6’3″245 lbs.31187TE
Terrance Parks6’2″215 lbs.31085S
Shawn Powell6’4″235 lbs.32387P
Bert Reed5’10”183 lbs.29392WR
Beau Reliford6’6″260 lbs.33487TE
Zebrie Sanders6’6″307 lbs.345105OT
Jermaine Thomas5’11”192 lbs.317105RB
Antwane Greenlee6’6″307 lbs.34494OT

Bradham, Datko and Sanders elected to keep their times from the NFL Combine

 40-Yard Dash
Nigel Bradham4.65
Andrew Datko5.26
Mike Harris4.53
Ty Jones4.75
Ja’Baris Little5.18
Terrance Parks4.64
Shawn PowellDNP
Bert Reed4.46
Beau RelifordDNP
Zebrie Sanders5.44
Jermaine Thomas4.62
Antwane Greenlee5.44
 Bench Press – Reps At 225lbs.
 Nigel Bradham24
 Andrew Datko20
 Mike Harris DNP
 Ty Jones DNP
 Ja’Baris Little20
 Terrance Parks19
 Shawn PowellDNP
 Bert ReedDNP
 Beau RelifordDNP
 Zebrie Sanders28
 Jermaine Thomas13
 Antwane Greenlee21
 Vertical Jump
 Nigel Bradham37.0
 Andrew Datko29.4
 Mike Harris36.0
 Ty Jones30.0
 Ja’Baris Little27.0
 Terrance Parks33.5
 Shawn PowellDNP
 Bert Reed34.0
 Beau RelifordDNP
 Zebrie Sanders27.0
 Jermaine Thomas30.5
 Antwane Greenlee21.5
 Broad Jump
 Nigel Bradham9’9″
 Andrew Datko8’2″
 Mike Harris9’9″
 Ty Jones9’5″
 Ja’Baris Little8’3″
 Terrance Parks9’7.5″
 Shawn PowellDNP
 Bert Reed 10’2″
 Beau RelifordDNP
 Zebrie Sanders7’9″
 Jermaine Thomas9’5″
 Antwane Greenlee8’8″
 Three Cone Drill (seconds)
 Nigel Bradham 7.18
 Andrew Datko 7.71
 Mike Harris 6.83
 Ty Jones 7.25
 Ja’Baris Little 7.51
 Terrance Parks 7.72
 Shawn Powell DNP
 Bert Reed 7.21
 Beau Reliford DNP
 Zebrie Sanders 8.15
 Jermaine Thomas 7.46
 Antwane Greenlee8.33
 20 Yard Shuttle (seconds)
 Nigel Bradham 4.37
 Andrew Datko 4.54
 Mike Harris 4.07
 Ty Jones 4.34
 Ja’Baris Little 4.46
 Terrance Parks 4.33
 Shawn Powell DNP
 Bert Reed4.32
 Beau Reliford DNP
 Zebrie Sanders 4.99
 Jermaine Thomas4.72
 Antwane Greenlee5.23
 60 Yard Shuttle
 Nigel Bradham DNP
 Andrew Datko DNP
 Mike Harris 11.31
 Ty Jones 12.25
 Ja’Baris Little DNP
 Terrance Parks12.21
 Shawn Powell DNP
 Bert Reed 12.27
 Beau Reliford DNP
 Zebrie Sanders DNP
 Jermaine Thomas11.87
 Antwane GreenleeDNP

Teams represented:

Atlanta Falcons

Baltimore Ravens

Buffalo Bills

Carolina Panthers

Chicago Bears

Cincinnati Bengals

Cleveland Browns

Denver Broncos

Detroit Lions

Hamilton Tiger Cats (CFL)

Houston Texans

Indianapolis Colts

Jacksonville Jaguars

Kansas City Chiefs

Miami Dolphins

Minnesota Vikings

New England Patriots

New Orleans Saints

New York Giants

New York Jets

Oakland Raiders

Philadelphia Eagles

Pittsburgh Steelers

San Diego Chargers

San Francisco 49ers

Seattle Seahawks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tennessee Titans

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